Your Clients Want On-Demand Reporting That’s Fast and Easy

By Ginny Carpenter

It’s the nature of the HRO business to manage a lot of employee data. And a significant aspect of managing a lot of data is having to report on that data. The more data you work with, the greater the reporting needs. Your HR technology platform likely offers a wide range of standard reports, but it’s almost a guarantee that your clients will come to you with special reporting requests that can’t be filled with standard reports. Some examples you might encounter:

An Extra Field on the Census Report

Your HR technology platform provides a standard employee census report. But often a client will want to add or remove fields from that report. Fields like employee phone number or employee address.

Non-Standard Deduction Report

Often a client will ask for a deduction report for a date range that includes a previous year. They may ask for a report that spans 13 months, and they might even ask for the report to be sub-totaled by quarter.

Multiple Client Instances

Some customers, such as franchisors, may need to be set up in your HR technology platform as multiple clients. Such customers will very often ask for an employee report that spans across all of their client instances.

These scenarios typically cannot be be addressed with standard reports. Whenever a client comes to you with these requests, it involves either a manual patch together of standard reports or submitting a custom report request to your HR technology provider, which of course costs time and money.

A new reporting feature that addresses these types of requirements is PrismHR Data Retriever. With Data Retriever, you get fast, easy access to employee data so you can pull whatever combination of fields and calculations that you need and then quickly export to Excel. In three easy steps, you can select one or multiple clients to report on, the employee data you want, and select the calculation and date range. What makes Data Retriever even more compelling is that anyone can use it. You don’t need to be a reporting specialist or programmer. Your account rep or payroll specialist can easily pull a report for a client.

And perhaps most importantly, Data Retriever allows your client managers to pull the same reports for themselves. So the client reporting requests like the ones mentioned above can be easily addressed by simply giving them the power to pull the information for themselves. Your clients can either create their own on-demand reports or use report templates that you create for them. This can increase your client satisfaction levels and ensure client retention.

View this demo of Data Retriever to better understand how this feature helps both you and your clients easily and quickly pull on-demand employee data reports.