Executive Performance Dashboards

Track SMB performance in real time with executive-level client dashboards in ClientSpace.

Get Real-Time Insight to Help You Make Data-Driven Decisions

Especially in challenging times, HRO executives need real-time insight into client performance. As small businesses around the country suffer through an unprecedented disruption to their operations, it’s never been more important to identify small businesses who need additional support and understand the financial impact to your business.

  • Get real-time executive-level insight into client performance
  • Identify clients who need additional support
  • Understand the financial impact of trends across your client base

Book Performance Dashboard

View a series of trends across your entire client base, including:

  • Gross Wages & Admin Fee
  • Gross Profit
  • # of WSEs Paid (aggregate and by state)
  • Client Employee Details

ClientSpace Executive Dashboards_

ClientSpace Executive Dashboards ndividual Client

Client Performance Dashboard

View a breakdown of performance data and trends by clients to help you proactively offer additional support, including:

  • Admin Fee Trends
  • Gross Profit Trends
  • Revenue By Client
  • WSEs Paid by Month

Customizable Homepage Widgets

Easily create a customized ClientSpace homepage with the data most important to you and executive-level stakeholders within your organization.

ClientSpace Executive Dashboards widgets

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