Marketplace Partner US Enrollment Services Now Offers Affordable Medical Plans to Worksite Employees of Professional Employer Organizations in the PrismHR Network

US Enrollment Services logoHopkinton, MA (July 17, 2023)  PrismHR, a leading HR technology software platform powering payroll, benefits, and HR for small- and medium-sized businesses across the U.S., today announced that U.S. Enrollment Services, an enrollment and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance services solution, is now offering affordable medical plans for PEOs, ASOs, and worksite employee groups via IHP (Innovative Health Plans).

IHP delivers affordable, high-quality health plans for any employee group without underwriting. Whether a PEO has a master health plan or not, the IHP program serves as a great “next best”  solution for any group not eligible for the master health plan. IHP plans are integrated with the PrismHR platform, which allows for simple implementation and faster enrollment.

U.S. Enrollment Services delivers high-touch, one-on-one communication and employee benefits education through various programs and dedicated call-center support.

“We are excited to now offer U.S. Enrollment Services’ IHP, an exceptional solution for our PEOs, their clients and worksite employees,” says Tim Pratte, President of the HRO Business Unit at PrismHR.

“U.S. Enrollment Service’s ability to offer affordable plans to any employee group, coupled with their high-touch support and our integration is sure to help simplify the enrollment process and enhance the overall benefits experience,” says Pratte.

“As a long-standing marketplace partner of PrismHR, we’re very excited to continue supporting PEOs with a new game-changing solution called IHP. IHP provides access to high-quality, affordable medical plans that eliminate the need for underwriting and are available for worksite employees—whether they’re PEO, ASO, 1099, part-time or variable hour,” says Randy Wood, Managing Partner at U.S. Enrollment Services.

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About U.S. Enrollment Services

U.S. Enrollment Services delivers an exceptional enrollment experience that helps employees take full advantage of their benefits. One-on-one communication and employee benefits education for worksite staff are provided by dedicated individuals and call center support. This approach to communicating increases participation and helps employees realize the value of their benefits lineup—ultimately enhancing PEO client success.

U.S. Enrollment Services is a member of U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners (USRBP), one of the nation’s largest combined employee benefits and retirement planning firms. For more information, visit: 


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