Teamwork Services Stays Alert to Client Needs with PrismHR Pulse

Case Study

Teamwork Services prides itself on a personalized, hands-on approach with its clients. And they walk the walk by, well… talking to talk. Call its office during the workday and you’re sure to speak directly with a staff member—they don’t activate the voicemail system until after business hours!

“We really want our clients to just not have to worry about the employment side of things. And that’s why they’re coming to us—to not have to worry about it anymore,” says Rhodora Tuten, Payroll Manager at Teamwork Services.

Carrying such a heavy administrative load for clients requires efficient operations and close coordination across the PEO’s small staff. One recurring challenge was managing worksite employee data changes which were handled manually by the payroll team.

“We’ve never allowed employees to change their address because we had no way of knowing when they changed their information,” says Tuten. “When payroll received an address change, we had to make the update and then remember to tell the benefits department the change had occurred so they could update the insurance carrier.”

The Teamwork Services team saw an opportunity to use the auto-generated alerts and tasks in PrismHR Pulse℠ to improve the process dramatically. When employee data is changed, the payroll and benefits teams automatically receive a notification, and a series of tasks are assigned, keeping staff members organized and focused on what they need to do.

“PrismHR Pulse sends us notifications when an employee makes an address or direct deposit change. Before, we would never have known until someone didn’t get their direct deposit on payday.”

Rhodora Tuten
Payroll Manager
Teamwork Services, Inc.

“Pulse gives us greater visibility and standardized the process for how we handle worksite employee data changes,” says Tuten. “In doing so, it has helped reduce the risk of costly insurance and tax issues.”

Pulse notifications are also being utilized by the HR team to streamline the new hire and termination processes.

“Notifications are sent when a termination is entered, and we have some clients that have really tricky termination procedures,” says Tuten. “The notifications remind us exactly what we need to do when these people are terminated. We also have emails that go out when an employee is hired with instructions for the time-keeping system already attached, so we can customize it for that individual without having to recreate the communication each time.”

It’s not just the notification and task capabilities in Pulse allowing Teamwork Services to work more efficiently. Case management allows the organization to track client issues and share information more effectively across the team.

“A client may call and talk to the worker’s comp department and just casually mention there’s a change in ownership. It’s up to that person to tell client services who then needs to pass the information on to the payroll department,” says Tuten.

“We didn’t have a centralized location for storing and sharing client data. Pulse is giving us a better way to communicate internally,” says Baylie Lane, HR Generalist at Teamwork Services.


“By creating cases with Pulse, we make client notes more available to everyone in the company so these bits of information are shared and acted upon in a more consistent way.”


Pulse also allows Teamwork Services to create a case history for each client along with a detailed view of the support services provided.

“In some instances, we get the same questions from clients year after year, so Pulse allows us to go back and reference those conversations and say, ‘Here is when we had the discussion about handling overtime premiums, this is whom we talked to and what they said.’ It’s going to be very helpful,” explains Tuten.

As Teamwork Services continues to strengthen its reputation and grow, Pulse is helping the company deliver on its commitment to personalized client service through greater process efficiency and collaboration.

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