PrismHR Pulse

Take a more proactive approach to client satisfaction and improve your team’s productivity with PrismHR Pulse℠, powered by ClientSpace technology.

Pulse functions as your command center where you can see everything that’s going on with your clients and take action.

But that’s just the beginning of what Pulse can help you do. With add-on modules, the functionality of Pulse expands to help you optimize your sales process, onboard clients more quickly, mitigate client risk, and more.

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified instantly of important data changes and events so you can take action rather than waiting for an employee to contact you with an issue. Receive alerts to your Pulse inbox, via email, and to all your devices (via Slack). And it’s completely customizable— choose which alerts you receive and how you want to see them.

Case Management

Resolve issues reported by your SMB clients more quickly. It’s easy for both clients and your team to create tickets and assign tasks to stay on track. Cases can be organized based on category and type, and can be configured as templates to ensure your team manages common issues consistently.

Task Management

Break cases into manageable chunks to keep your team organized and focused on what’s important. Tasks are flexible and configured to align with the way your team works—for example, you may choose to deploy tasks sequentially so a new task will be initiated only after the preceding step is finished. Or, kick off a series of tasks all at once.


Improve reaction time and coordination across your team with workflows that can be set up to match your business processes and automate task assignment. Workflows help each team member know what they need to focus on next and prioritize their to-do lists.


Quickly see and report on what’s most important to you. Whether it’s cases and tasks completed or other sales and client service metrics, it’s easy to measure your team’s performance. Dashboards are typically configured by role but can be customized by the individual.

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Pulse Add-on Modules

Sales Management

Optimize your sales, pricing and underwriting processes to win more deals.

Keep your team focused on high-margin clients with a powerful pricing engine that allows you to easily project profitability and commissions. Track the progress of leads asand opportunities in your pipeline, manage contacts, and give your entire team a view of account activity. And by minimizing back and forth during the underwriting process, you can finalize deals faster. Learn more about Sales Management here.


Bring on new clients more quickly and efficiently.

You no longer need to struggle with spreadsheets or log into another collaboration platform to stay organized. Create project milestones, tasks and cases to keep you and your client coordinated through each stage of the implementation. Because Implementation is part of the PrismHR platform, client information is automatically added to the other modules. Learn more about Implementation here.

Risk Mitigation

Accurately track workers’ compensation claims, and simplify the management of policies and certificates of insurance.

View details of each claim, share notes, and build workflows to help you avoid missteps that can negatively impact your experience modification rate. Get a dashboard view of your policies and certificates of insurance, and streamline the renewal process. Customized financial reports give you the insight you need to assess risk across your portfolio and inform rate adjustments when renewing policies. Learn more about Risk Mitigation here.

HR Admin

Save time by centralizing employee data management, unemployment claims and leave of absence tracking.

Update employee data, track leaves of absence/FMLA eligibility, and manage unemployment claims—all in one place. HR Admin shares data across the PrismHR platform, helping you maintain accuracy without the need to update information in multiple places. Data changes can also trigger processes that prevent requirements from falling through the cracks and help you remain compliant, such as creating a task to send the COBRA notice to a terminated employee. Learn more about HR Admin here.