Unemployment Cost Management and Employment Verification Services from Corporate Cost Control Now Available through PrismHR Marketplace

PrismHR Service Providers and Their Small Business Clients Can Reduce Costs and Risk

Hopkinton, Mass. – December 9, 2020 – PrismHR, the leading HR technology software powering payroll, benefits, and HR for businesses across the U.S., today announced that Corporate Cost Control (CCC) has joined PrismHR Marketplace and will offer its workforce solutions, including Unemployment Cost Management and Employment and Income Verification services to PrismHR’s service providers and their small business clients.

CCC’s Unemployment Cost Management solution helps reduce unemployment costs for HR service providers and their small business clients by reducing unemployment claims and helping to maintain a lower SUTA tax rate by:

  • Corporate Cost Control logoEnsuring unemployment compliance
  • Assisting HR service providers in managing unemployment insurance and helping to manage it correctly in client SUI states
  • Reducing UI liability risk for the small business

CCC Verify is now also now available to PrismHR service providers. CCC Verify is a cost-free, automated solution to outsource all types of employment and income verification including all social service and government agency verifications. HR service providers can use CCC Verify to save time and ensure accuracy of verification processes.

“With state unemployment agency error rates averaging 14% nationally, employers are moving quickly to effectively manage their unemployment insurance programs and streamline employment verification,” said Jonathan Wall, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at PrismHR. “CCC’s experienced team of claims, hearings and tax professionals work 1-1 with HR service providers and their small business clients to reduce error rates and costs. Together with CCC Verify, they can significantly reduce costs and the effort spent on administration.”

“We are extremely pleased to connect PrismHR customers to the benefits of CCC’s high tech-high touch service model for Unemployment Cost Management and Employment Verifications,” said Tim Rooney, President for CCC. “By using our secure platform, Hamlet, to augment our dedicated service will help small and medium businesses take significant steps to reduce workload and unemployment taxes, furthermore, utilizing CCC Verify will expedite commercial and government verifications.”

About Corporate Cost Control

CCC is a Workforce Solutions provider with 14 offices throughout the United States. We provide customized, bundled and standalone solutions to help employers improve performance and reduce costs through a variety of services related to Human Resources, Payroll and Tax. For more information, visit www.corporatecostcontrol.com.

About PrismHR

PrismHR’s mission is to fuel the growth of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the U.S. Our HR software, combined with our ecosystem of HR service providers, enables SMBs to manage payroll, benefits, and HR, leveling the playing field with large enterprises. Today, PrismHR software delivers world-class HR services to more than 80,000 organizations and over 2 million worksite employees, processing greater than $80 billion in payroll each year. PrismHR is located in Hopkinton, Mass. For more information, visit www.prismhr.com.

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