An Innovative 401(k) Solution with Service-First Support from BlueStar Now Integrated with PrismHR Platform and Available Through PrismHR Marketplace

PrismHR service providers can now offer a 401(k) solution with superior service and smart technology from BlueStar.

Hopkinton, MA – July 14, 2021 – PrismHR, the leading HR technology software powering payroll, benefits, and HR for businesses across the U.S., today announced that BlueStar, a 401(k) solution with superior support, is now available to its HR service providers, their small business clients and their worksite employees through the PrismHR Marketplace.

BlueStar logoBlueStar is a 401(k) solution that alleviates plan administration and compliance headaches, with a unique user experience to impress your clients and best serve employees. BlueStar’s technology, including a guided mobile app enrollment experience and proprietary workflow system, now coupled with Prism’s API integration, significantly reduces your administrative burden and lays the foundation for an integrated and compliant plan experience.

With almost two decades of experience with MEPs and PEOs, Bluestar helps clients offer a retirement plan that creates successful financial outcomes for their employees.

App MockupYour client’s employees will benefit from:

  • reporting visibility into retirement plan success
  • robust cybersecurity protocols
  • service-first attitude of support
  • mobile app for account management

With the BlueStar/PrismHR integration, PEOs will benefit from automated processing of payroll and census data, ensured data quality assurance, and an improved, consistent employee experience.

“There are significant advantages to be gained by our HR service providers in offering BlueStar’s 401(k) solution,” said Sean Yolish, Vice President of Insurance and Financial Services at PrismHR. “It allows for seamless, automated processing through bi-directional data sharing, which dramatically reduces effort, as well as reducing non-compliance exposure due to mistakes that inevitably occur with manual data entry.”

“We’re really excited about our partnership with PrismHR”, said Tim Werner, President of BlueStar. “We know that a number of our current common clients will reap the benefits in the very short term, and are excited to meet new companies that can benefit from this integration. Our integration with PrismHR is a significant step towards better process efficiency for our clients and greater accuracy in administering PEO MEPs.”

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About BlueStar

BlueStar is an integrated recordkeeper and third party administrator, and while BlueStar serves all varieties of defined contribution retirement savings plans, BlueStar is a nationally recognized expert in the servicing of MEPs and PEPs. BlueStar is a service-first organization that has built proprietary systems that enable service delivery excellence. We pride ourselves on delivering logical experiences for all users, with a particular focus on retirement readiness data for every participant. By partnering with BlueStar, you can expect to reduce administrative burdens via Smart Technologies and Integrations and provide your participants with the cutting-edge tools they need to get ready to retire. For more information, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.

About PrismHR

PrismHR’s mission is to fuel the growth of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the U.S. Our HR software, combined with our ecosystem of HR service providers, enables SMBs to manage payroll, benefits, and HR, leveling the playing field with large enterprises. Today, PrismHR software delivers world-class HR services to more than 80,000 organizations and over 2 million worksite employees, processing greater than $80 billion in payroll each year. PrismHR is located in Hopkinton, Mass. For more information, visit our homepage.

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