How Emplicity Uses Alterity/Aflac Voluntary Benefits Program to Combat Competition


Emplicity faced administrative issues when employing voluntary benefit vendors over the years. They lost time working with vendors that provided no support, lacked plan flexibility and data integration systems.


The Alterity/Aflac Voluntary Benefits program is easily accessible to employees, yet not burdensome to PEO clients. This allows all of Emplicity’s clients to be a part of one unique solution, decreasing complications and saving time for Emplicity staff.

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About Emplicity

As a PEO and HR outsourcing company established in 1995, Emplicity helps California-based businesses overcome the complexities of employee management. They support over 6,300 worksite employees, serving both PEO and ASO clients.

Location: California

Worksite employees: 6,300

Clients: 216

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About Alterity/Aflac:

The partnership between PrismHR and Aflac has been managed by Alterity since 2019.  It provides professional employer organizations, regardless of size, access to voluntary insurance policy plan designs and benefits they would not typically be able to access on their own.



The Challenge

“We kept changing vendors because we didn’t have consistency, other carriers didn’t really understand us, didn’t want to work well with us, didn’t want to entertain different ways to look at all sides of our business.”

– Jeanine Dillard, Director of Benefits, Emplicity

Emplicity faced consistent administrative issues when employing voluntary benefit vendors over the past several years. They lost significant time when working with vendors that provided no support and who lacked plan flexibility and data integration systems.

Emplicity had offered Aflac to their worksite employees in the past, before Alterity partnered with Aflac.

Although they believed in Aflac’s widely recognized brand, Emplicity’s team felt that Aflac’s resources were lacking to help them successfully promote their offerings. When issues and complications arose, there was no expert knowledge, consulting, or support available.

Our Solution:

Emplicity needed to find a voluntary benefits program with:

  • Seamless data integration
  • Flexibility to aggregate solutions for all clients
  • Access to support and expert advice
  • An offering for worksite employees that gives Emplicity a competitive advantage

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Emplicity started the Alterity/Aflac Voluntary Benefits program before their 2021 open enrollment period and has seen an increase in enrollment and engagement. Since joining, Emplicity has seen nothing but professionalism and quality service.

“Working with the PrismHR team, we’ve developed a voluntary benefits program that is flexible, competitive, and easy to administer. We all understand how important these supplemental benefits are to employees and have worked to ensure that they continue to be accessible to employees while not being burdensome to our PEO clients.”

Sharla St. Rose, Alterity Group

Emplicity also took advantage of Alterity’s variety of educational resources, helpful in promoting Aflac to all employees. Frances Driesbach, Benefits Manager at Emplicity, shared, “Alterity/Aflac were great in getting us materials to add to our website or if we were to do a powerpoint. They were really good at summarizing information and helping us with communication.”

By streamlining marketing efforts, Alterity/Aflac was able to remove much of the burden from Emplicity, as well as cancel the noise that can come from individual Aflac representatives. “It’s so refreshing to not have that Aflac person knocking on the door. It makes for a more professional relationship,” noted Frances Driesbach. Not only did the partnership elevate their relationship with clients, they also were able to alleviate a lot of routine paperwork.

Alterity offered support, consulting, and a “group benefit” experience to Emplicity. Alterity/Aflac was able to aggregate all clients into one unique solution, decreasing complications for Emplicity staff and saving time for worksite employees when understanding enrollment benefits.


The Alterity/Aflac Voluntary Benefits program transfers data effortlessly and offers a single solution for Emplicity’s team to maintain a competitive rate for their clients.

Together, the program brings a strong defense against any competition.

“We saw participation go up greatly, and I think that’s largely based on two things: 1) the Aflac name and 2) the very competitive rates. The rates on these group plans were more competitive than plans we had offered previously and more competitive than some of the individual plans that some of the employees had gotten on their own.”

– Frances Driesbach

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