Time and Labor Time Clocks

PrismHR Time & Labor clocks are provided by TCP (TimeClock Plus). You can learn more about TCP (TimeClock Plus) hardware here.

Time & Labor Clocks include the following:

TCP (TimeClock Plus) BioRDT

Fingerprint clocks provide a great alternative to card swipes and help your clients overcome “buddy punching” so only each individual employee can clock their time and in and out.

TCP (TimeClock Plus) PinRDT

The Pin RDT allows your employees to clock in and out by entering a Personal Identification Number (PlN). The employee can clock in and out, change job codes, go on break and more by simply entering in the assigned PIN.

TCP (TimeClock Plus) MagRDT

Forget punch cards and sign-in sheets. This clock makes it easy for your clients to have their employees swipe a card when they clock in. The MagRDT is a card swipe clock that reads the employee number encoded on a magnetic strip.

TCP (TimeClock Plus) BarCode RDT

The BarCodeRDT is a card swipe clock that reads a barcode printed on an employee badge. Your client’s employees simply swipe their card when they clock in and out.

TCP (TimeClock Plus) ProxRDT

The Remote Data Terminal (RDT) can be equipped with different options, including a Proximity Reader. Unlike a magnetic card or barcode card, the Proximity Reader card doesn’t have to be swiped. The employee can bring the card within a few inches and the reader will pick up the signal.

TCP (TimeClock Plus) Series 100 and Series 200 GT-400 Hand Scanners

The GT is a single unit timekeeping solution offering real-time biometric authentication. By placing hands on the scanner, employees will be able to clock in and out, check hours, and receive messages from the GT.

TCP (TimeClock Plus) USB Desktop BioScan

This device is a desktop biometric scanner that employees use with the On-Screen TimeClock. The employee clocks in from a PC and then places their finger on the scanner for verification. The Desktop BioScan is best suited for office environments where managers want to secure the process of employee clock operations.

TCP (TimeClock Plus) TelClock

The TelClock provides employers with the ability to have employees clock in and out from a telephone. Whether using the office desk phone or a cell phone, TelClock affords employees flexibility to clock in and out without a centralized clock.

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