How Pulse Helps Makai HR Improve Organizational Efficiency

Case Study

What does it take for a new PEO to be successful? The industry veterans behind Makai HR, a Honolulu-based PEO launched in 2018, knew success would be built on a foundation of organizational efficiency and collaboration.

“Our philosophy is to be as lean as possible and to leverage technology to increase efficiency. This helps decrease errors and keep overhead low,” said Valerie Wang, President at Makai HR. “Most of our team came from PEOs which struggled with inefficiencies due to running multiple systems. There was a system for HRIS, another for client management, and a CRM for sales activity. That led to miscommunication, inconsistency, and wasted effort from repeatedly entering the same information as clients moved through the process.”

Determined not to repeat those experiences in the new venture, the Makai HR team uses PrismHR Pulse to manage the entire client lifecycle, from tracking prospecting efforts through renewals.


“Pulse is a centralized system that allows us to input activity whether that’s during the sales and underwriting process or when managing support cases,” says Wang. “Pulse also provides greater visibility throughout our organization, so anyone can log in and see what’s going on with a client.”


Wang and her team are also enjoying the benefits of using a system designed specifically for the HRO industry. “The pricing module is built for a PEO [or ASO]. All the rates—including workers’ compensation—are right there, and it’s been very convenient for our team,” says Wang. “The ability for a sales rep to quickly generate an agreement without waiting for a sales ops person to create one is something we couldn’t do before.”

In fact, Makai HR now uses Pulse for all sales activity, and discontinued its license with a leading CRM. “One thing that is incredible about Pulse—that I haven’t seen in other systems—is the ability to multitask without leaving my screen,” says Wang. “If a client or colleague requires assistance, I don’t need to close out what I was doing or flip through browser tabs to work on multiple accounts. It’s just another benefit of working with an engine that understands PEO.”

“Pulse enables very clear communication and collaboration between all of our departments.”

Valerie Wang
Makai HR

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Makai HR is the next evolution for outsourced HR in Hawai’i. Combining new paperless technology and pricing efficiencies, Makai HR brings business owners a choice of options to meet their needs and budget. The Makai HR team offers more than 100 collective years of experience in business ownership, HR and PEO services. Established in early 2018, Makai HR is a PEO founded by entrepreneur and community leader Dustin Sellers, small business owner and PEO industry veteran Valerie Wang, and additional executive team members to offer small- to medium-sized Hawai‘i businesses a sleek, reliable, affordable, fully integrated and paperless option for outsourced HR services. Makai HR is a member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations. To learn more about Makai HR, call 451-0000 or email

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