Simplify New Hire Eligibility Verification

E-Verify, created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), enables employers to determine the eligibility of new hires to work in the U.S.  PrismHR streamlines the verification process by directly integrating with E-Verify, saving time, increasing efficiency and providing easy access to E-Verify records.

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

With PrismHR and E-Verify, employee I-9 details automatically populate into the necessary E-Verify forms from previously completed onboarding documentation. This helps you save time, increase efficiency and reduce the risk of potential errors associated with manual data entry.

When is E-Verify Required?

E-Verify is required for all employees of federal contractors and in select states,
E-Verify is mandatory for all employees.

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Ensure Compliance

To help your customers remain compliant with federal regulations, you can configure E-Verify to be a required step in the onboarding process based on your individual client’s needs.

Central Storage and Access

All E-Verify records are stored in one centralized location in PrismHR, including ongoing cases, pending approvals and verified employees. This makes it easy to find, access, and update employee case files all with our integrated E-Verify login

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