Document Management

Quick Start Kit & Resources

Document Management makes it easy to manage your client and employee files in a single database that is secure and simple to use. Control who can access documents on a global, client, manager, or employee level. You can even allow managers and WSEs to upload certain types of files themselves, streamlining communications and saving everyone time.

Get Started

New to Document Management or need a refresher?
Watch the 5-part series of Document Management how-to videos and read the Quick Start Guide.

Document Management Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide for Managing Document Categories


1.  Document Management Overview


2.  PrismHR Setup


3.  Document Categories


4.  Managing Documents


5.  Employee Portal Setup


Document Management Migration

PrismHR will migrate your documents in legacy databases to the Document Management system. The process is easy and PrismHR does the work for you. Watch the migration overview video and read the guide to learn more.

Document Management Migration Overview


Document Management Migration Guide

Document Management Migration Guide PrismHR