Help your clients learn and adopt PrismHR technology.

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PrismHR Adopt makes it easy to provide customized training for your clients and their employees using PrismHR technology.

With Adopt, you can increase engagement and measure the usage of the Employee Portal and other employee-facing software.


Customizable tours and in-context help for all employee-facing products.

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Measure adoption and get insight into usage by customer, users, roles, and more.

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Ways to Use Adopt Include:

  • Help new WSEs adopt PrismHR technology
  • Complete PTO tasks (requests, view time off, approvals)
  • Direct Deposit/ACH
  • Complete W-4 and/or I-9
  • Start or complete benefits enrollment
  • Submit or manage time (via PrismHR partners with Portal Widgets)
  • Engage with new employee centric wellness offerings

Increase Adoption

  • Help new employees get started quickly
  • More effectively use products
  • Increase adoption and engagement

Reduce Support Burden

  • In-context information helps employees complete key tasks
  • Fewer tickets, reduced costs
  • Increased satisfaction

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