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Role-Based, Self-Paced Training

PrismHR Training

Role-based, self-paced training subscription that gives your team the fundamental knowledge they need and the ongoing resources to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

PrismHR training provides the essential knowledge your team needs to be productive and efficient with the PrismHR platform. The role-based and self-paced online training enables you to learn the functions you need quickly and when it fits your schedule. Additionally, the modular training includes skill-building exercises to validate your knowledge as well as live Q&A sessions with PrismHR experts.

Training includes more than 125 lessons, over 24 hours of content and is specifically designed for roles, including: Benefits, Payroll, Accounting, System Administration/IT as well as Risk, HR, and Customer Care.

How it Helps

The role-based, self-paced training subscription will help:

  • Boost your team’s efficiency
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Reduce customer turnover
  • Increase profitability

Modular and Role-Based Approach Saves You Time

PrismHR training is organized into courses based on employee roles so they get the information they need to get started quickly and be efficient in the PrismHR platform. And all courses are modular and searchable, making it easy to quickly find and reference previous training sections.

Self-Paced and Anytime Access

All training courses are available 24/7 during your 1-year training subscription, that way you can train at your own pace and at the times when it works best with your schedule. This enables you and your team to search and reference training content when you need it. And new employees can enroll and complete the PrismHR training they need faster than ever before.

Manage and Track Progress

With PrismHR training, you can control who has access to training, track your team’s progress, and see which roles each member has completed. You can even track the amount of time spent compared to the length of the training content, so you can identify team members who may need additional help.

Learn More About PrismHR Training

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Looking for Advanced Training?

PrismHR LIVE is our annual user conference that delivers exclusive training for PEOs and ASOs.

PrismHR LIVE Conference and Training

PrismHR LIVE is the largest technology conference for the HR service provider industry, providing education, inspiration and connections for hundreds of PEOs and ASOs each year.

Attendees are able to take classes and train while meeting HR service providers, technology leaders, service partners, and participate in demo zones or other marketplace activities. Whether veteran users or just getting started, attendees gain a better understanding of best practices and approaches that increase productivity and help teams compete in the increasingly competitive market. Year after year, HR service providers make this their no-miss event. LEARN MORE