Economic Uncertainty: Protecting Your PEO in Challenging Times

After the COVID-19 pandemic rocked our nation, our economy reacted in a way it never had before—and we, as a workforce, are still trying to find our footing. Economic expert John Slavic shares his thoughts on how PEOs can weather any economic storm.


A Cyber Primer: The HR Outsourcer’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Dwayne Smith is PrismHR’s chief information security officer (CISO). He possesses more than 20 years of experience supporting commercial, defense and intelligence organizations. Learn his and other experts’ advice on how to help boost your cyberhygiene to help ward off a cyberattack for you and your customers.


10 Ways to Rev up Your Recruiting & Retention

Download this e-book to learn how your staffing firm can improve talent acquisition by boosting your recruiting process.


HRO Software Selection Guide for PEOs and ASOs

Learn the key criteria for PEOs to evaluate HRO software and see how the right software can support and empower your staff and your customers, driving efficiency and growth for your business.


The Key to Growing Your HR Outsourcing Business

This e-book for PEOs evaluates the current HR market and the challenges associated with it so you can take advantage of all your market opportunities and deliver the services your buyers need.


How to Win More Deals with a Smarter HRO Sales Process

For PEOs, selling in the HR outsourcing market has never been tougher. Learn ways to improve your sales process to beat out your competition and quickly grow your client base.


The Advantages of Modern Benefits Enrollment Software

This e-book explains the advantages and impact that benefits enrollment software can have on your PEO business, letting you track and report open enrollment, ensure compliance, and increase business efficiency and scalability.


Time and Attendance Selection Guide for HROs

Time and attendance is complicated. This guide for HROs discusses the key criteria to consider when evaluating and selecting time and attendance partners for you and your customers.


How an HRO Grew Their Business by Automating Benefits Enrollment

Brenda Rowan, Director of Operations and Payroll at XMI, discusses why XMI decided to automate benefits enrollment and how it has helped their business grow.

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