Q4 2021 PrismHR Quarterly Release

The PrismHR Q4 2021 Release is scheduled to be deployed on the following Saturdays: 11/6, 11/13, 11/20.

Scott Cormier discusses highlights from the Q4 release:


Watch Now: PrismHR Q4 2021 Release Q&A Session

The Product Management team hosted an interactive Q&A with customers on features and enhancements in the upcoming Q4 Release.

Watch the replay to learn more about what’s new this quarter.

Watch the Q4 Q&A Session


Payroll & HR



PTO Work Center has arrived! Our focus on PTO management continues this quarter with a PTO Work Center that incorporates features that add flexibility and make maintaining PTO easier, including:

  • Guided steps to help in setting up new plans
  • The ability to enroll new employees immediately after plan setup without leaving the work center
  • The ability to adjust and maintain PTO from within the same PTO work center
  • Leave Request Management tools work center
  • Easy access to all Prism PTO reports

We’ve also made a number of new enhancements that put valuable time back into your hands with streamlined processes, bulk actions and imports. For example, quick access to PTO Benefit Plan forms and Planned Time Off Requests, additional functionality for Maximum Negative Balance for Leave Requests and the Change Benefit Start Date for Anniversary plans before payroll accrual.

On the Accounting side, we’ve added the ability to copy ASO Accounting Setup, the ability to reassign Pending Approvals to Service Providers, and the ability to add Payroll type (regularly scheduled, special, manual) to Bill Pending New Entry form, and the ability to add Federal Filing status to import.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Employee Portal

Worksite managers can now make changes to employee pay rates in Employee Portal. On the Pay Rate Detail Screen, managers can review an employee’s pay rate, propose changes, and select a start date and reason for the change.

Negative balance limits for employee PTO requests are now supported. This limit is determined at the company’s client settings, and you have the option of enabling a negative balance.

We’ve also added new functionality to the Direct Deposit menu for when an employee makes changes to direct deposit percentages that do not equal 100%.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


Onboarding & Benefits Enrollment


Conditional Form Fields have been added to this release.  This feature introduces conditional workflow behavior based on form value.  Custom form fields can be configured to display additional fields based upon the employee responses to a prior field on the same form.  Additional updates have been made to the Layout Tab Display Rules, Form Library Drag and Drop, Layout Tab Changes, Display Rule Modal and Form Preview.  This release also includes additional updates to the Spanish Language Support.

In Benefits Enrollment, two new attributes were added to the Web Enrollment Configuration form so you can see who created the life event and the date it was created.

An option called Exempt Employees from Minimum Days of Service Requirement was added to the Add Life Events form. If enabled, employees are not required to work a minimum number of days before being eligible for insurance.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Benefits Administration

The PrismHR Dashboard has been enhanced with new tabs and an improved graphics panel. Changes in this release include:

  • The Perspective panel was renamed to At a Glance (Enhanced Dashboard only)
  • Onboarding Tasks by Status was renamed to Onboarding Tasks on the At a Glance panel (Enhanced Dashboard only)
  • The Benefit Enrollments by Status chart title and drop-down label were renamed to Benefit Enrollment Workflows (Enhanced Dashboard only)

Each of the above contains additional changes to tabs, menu items and/or icons. View the release notes for full details.

Also in this release, Client Benefit Plan Import and Benefit Rules Import were enhanced with a number of new fields. Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


Watch the PrismHR Product Management team’s Q&A about the upcoming Q4 Release.


Report Center

This release features several new reports:

  • The FSA & HSA Deduction History report includes pay information for FSA and HSA accounts.
  • The Insurance Census (by Date) report includes census information for employees for insurance purposes. This parameter-driven report can include a wide variety of data depending on the selected columns.
  • The Employee Retirement Elections report includes which employees are enrolled in retirement plans, as well as details of their elective contributions.
  • The Month End Pay Period Accrual report includes accrue payroll amounts that span monthly general ledger periods. The report can be used to create a general ledger entry for billings that were billed in one GL period, but paid in another. 

A number of reports have also been renamed for consistency (see full list in release notes).

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


The API team has been hard at work adding new features, improving performance, improving user experience, and enhancing security features for more granular level configuration.

 We have added a more direct way to update employee fields in one single API method. Additionally, we have exposed payee information and garnishment details. You can now easily get a list of employees associated with a specific location, department, division, benefit group and more. Now hiring an employee via the API will allow you to enter the state mandated new hire question answers.

 As of API version 1.26 the session ID must be included in the header of each API request and no longer allowed to be passed as a query string parameter. This will not affect current integrations but will need to be a consideration when updating to a supported version of the APIs. We support the last 5 versions of the APIs and end of life for unsupported versions will be in February 2022.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


HRPyramid to PrismHR Feature Migration

Compliance, Tax, Benefits, Payroll, HR, and system-related forms have been migrated from HRP to Prism this quarter.  The Federal Entity Tax Register has been enhanced to display fields related to the Successor Wages when applicable. 

We have also introduced a new area of the CRC called HRP Sunset Central – Visit Sunset Central today and be sure to Follow for updates on all things HRPyramid and OnHRP Sunset!

 As a reminder, forms that are migrated from HRPyramid to PrismHR display ‘(Now in PrismHR)’ in HRPyramid menus. After a form has been available in PrismHR for a full quarter, it is disabled in HRPyramid menus with an annotation of ‘(Only in PrismHR)’.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Talent Management

We’ve made several improvements to the Prism Core API to help you set up and maintain client systems, and have expanded data sync options to include Locations/Departments and Divisions. The CMC Help function has also been improved, and is now a starting point for release notes and user guides.

ATS enhancements in Q4 include new Indeed data fields for Education/Experience/Job Type/Remote Type, and also supports Zip Recruiter Daily Service and embedded candidate resume.

New features in Performance Management include Appraisal Finalization and embedded final appraisal report.

Read the release notes to learn about these and other enhancements. 




In Q3, ClientSpace began researching and implementing internally Izenda 7 to upgrade the current reporting system. Izenda 7 provides a faster interface when navigating and creating reports along with a multitude of new features to improve the customers capability to report on and visualize data in ClientSpace. This is the first part of a multiphase project to incorporate a more efficient reporting system into ClientSpace.

The continuation of enhancing pricing to allow for more flexibility will be fully delivered in Q4 with classifying Pricing codes by locations. This will allow for more granular pricing capabilities when pricing a prospective client and allow for more accurate reporting via business intelligence and generated merge documents.

A number of UI enhancements will be delivered in Q4 including the ability to customize user modules with drag and drop. This interface replaces the use of the up and down arrows to order modules with the ability to pickup and place the module in the order that is desired. We also introduced a new interface for adding modules to a user profile that also includes drag and drop capabilities. We are looking forward to implementing this in other areas of ClientSpace as well over time.


Migration of ACA forms to PrismHR continues in this release.  The following forms were migrated in this release:

  • Employee Classification Analysis Report
  • Large Employer Test Report
  • Eligibility Report
  • Eligibility Report (Monthly Summary)
  • 9.5% Rule Test Report

In the previous release, PrismHR updated its Form 941 calculation logic to account for new calculation rules and new definitions of “non-refundable credits” in Q3 and Q4 of 2021. In this release, the outputs for Schedule B (Post COVID-19 version) and Schedule R of Form 941 were updated to align with these changes as well.

Other enhancements include the ability to Adjust the Date on ARPA Notices.  You can now choose whether to use the date stored in the Date of Qualifying Event field or COBRA covert Period Starts field for COBRA notices.  Also added is the option to remove dashes from only Client Federal Entity EINs on the MasterTax PTS File.

Final release notes will be available at the time of the release in the Customer Resource Center.

The PrismHR Customer Support Team