Q3 2022 PrismHR Release

The PrismHR Q3 2022 Release is scheduled to be deployed on the following Saturdays: 9/10, 9/17, 9/24.

New Hire in Employee Portal, Onboarding Efficiencies & More in Q3 Release

Each quarter we release new features and enhancements across the platform to help you operate more efficiently, improve the employee experience, and expand opportunities to deliver value to your clients.

Here are some of the Q3 highlights:

  • New Hire in Employee Portal: New worksite manager self-service enables faster new hire onboarding without SSN or DOB.
  • Onboarding and Benefits Enrollment: Workflow enhancements for electronic W-2s and I-9s allow for a smoother and more efficient new hire onboarding process for your administrators and worksite employees.


Scott Cormier discusses highlights from the Q3 release.

Check Out The Full Q3 Update for Each Product:

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Watch Now: PrismHR Q3 2022 Release Q&A Session

The Product Management team hosted an interactive Q&A with customers on features and enhancements in the upcoming Q3 Release.

Watch the replay to learn more about what’s new this quarter.

Watch the Q3 Q&A Session

Payroll & HR

Q3 Focus: Operational Efficiency, Performance & Stability, Security, UI/UX

This quarter we continued improving operational efficiency with features that will help you every day and at year end. First, we added a SUTA Rate import to save time, reduce errors and streamline the year-end process. We also added the ability to print checks by division, which was a highly requested feature by many customers. Additional updates were made to enable the enhanced new hire functionality in Employee Portal, and UI/architecture upgrades were made for improved security and performance.

Employee Portal

Q3 Focus: Self-Service Functionality, Operational Efficiency

New Hire in Employee Portal (beta)

This top-requested addition to manager self-service has major efficiency returns for you and your clients. Worksite managers can kick off the new hire process for a new employee with minimal information (and most importantly, without requiring access to the employee’s social security number or date of birth), dramatically speeding up onboarding a new hire. The employee can then enter their sensitive information themselves and proceed through the onboarding process on their own. It’s a faster way to get new employees into the system while reducing work for your staff.

New Hire in Employee Portal (beta) does not yet support state-required new hire questions or welcome messages via SMS text (currently email only). Both features are planned to be added in the Q4 release.

For more information about New Hire in Employee Portal and other Q3 enhancements, check out the release notes.


Onboarding & Benefits Enrollment

Q3 Focus: Employee Self-Service, Customization, Efficiency, Accessibility and Ease of Use

You provided feedback and we listened! Employee self-service, accessibility and ease of use are a high priority for us and we have focused on enhancements that make the onboarding process for administrators’ and employees’ easier.


With the updated electronic W-2 selection field and fixed next action button, worksite employees are now able to elect an electronic W-2 in the onboarding workflow and can view the election in the the Employee Portal moving forward. As an administrator, you can now create a customized electronic W-2 form from the default form allowing you greater flexibility to meet the needs of your clients and their worksite employees. Additionally, the approval route for I-9s have been updated to include a workflow flag of completion which will make the new hire onboarding process smoother and more efficient.

For more information about Onboarding and Benefits Enrollment and other Q3 enhancements, check out the release notes.

Benefits Administration

Q3 Focus: Benefit Form Efficiency

Efficiency and optimization of functionality during benefit selection are the central focus around our enhancements.

For administrators, we have added search and filtering functionality to the Group Benefit Plans form to allow for a quick narrowing of the benefit plans to find your desired plan quickly. These new functions within the form will save you time when assigning the appropriate benefit plans.

For more information about Benefits Administration and other Q3 enhancements, check out the release notes.

Watch the PrismHR Product Management team’s Q&A about the Q3 Release.


Report Center

Q3 Focus: Performance Efficiency, Migrated Reports, Data Integration

Efficiency, speed, and accessibility of reports are the primary focus for enhancements and we have migrated several frequently utilized reports based on your feedback.

The PTO Register History report now provides current data with addition of lost hours and lost hours as wages and PTO balance as of dates. Additionally, now available are Code Setup reports (i.e. Pay Code Setup, Benefit Rules) as well as other reports (i.e. Employee with Unhandled State Taxes, Billing Event). Gain access to the data that matters most to you and your clients with continued improvements in search capability, filtering, tagging and creating views to make reporting simpler.


The enhancements to the Admin Center provide more agility to see who created reports, quickly view role access data on the new sidebar, add roles to multiple reports at one time, and easily distribute access to multiple user roles. Our focus on data security, integration, and performance of the report center continue to be our primary objectives so we can continue to provide the data you need in the most efficient and effective way!

For more information about Report Center and other Q3 enhancements, check out the release notes.

Office Hours: Report Center

October 6, 2022 at 2PM EDT



Q3 Focus: Operational Efficiency, Performance and Stability, Integrations, Data Access

The PrismHR API team is pleased to bring you version 1.30 this quarter. In this release we have added benefits confirmation data so you can create your own custom benefit statements. We have continued to enhance the performance of the API. One key area we have enhanced is the addition of pagination for projects in our getClientCodes method. This will allow you to collect projects in smaller amounts to reduce timeouts when your client has a large number of projects. In addition, we have added a filter to allow you to exclude any obsolete codes for items such as location, department, division – any code that has an obsolete option. Payments pending has been added to allow the API to mark a wire transfer as received and life events can now be submitted using the API in conjunction with our Benefits Enrollment module.

To better serve the integration needs of our customers and vendors, PrismHR will no longer support SOAP and will exclusively support REST after the September 2022 quarterly release. Our final SOAP supported API will be version 1.30 due to be released in September 2022. Starting with API version 1.29, WSDL documentation is available for maintenance purposes by request only. While you can choose to stay on API version 1.30 after September, no new features or functionality will be added to API versions in SOAP after that point. We recommend moving your integrations to REST to take full advantage of future updates.

PrismHR supports the current API version plus the last four versions. We release a new version of the API each quarter (March, June, September, and November). We will be removing access to unsupported versions over the next six months and beyond as new versions become available. We have emailed the schedule of planned access removal and the schedule will be available on the API documents with the support policy.


HRPyramid to PrismHR Feature Migration

Q3 Focus: Operational Efficiency

The HRPyramid migration team has been busy this quarter bringing more menus and functionality from HRPyramid to PrismHR. The menus migrated encompass many areas of the system including Benefits, Payroll/HR, Tax-Related forms and System Related forms. For easy reference we have included a sheet outlining the menus migrated this quarter here and on Sunset Central.

In Q3, we also continued to notate menus with the ‘Now in Prism – Disable Date’ and the ‘No Plan to Migrate’ label. These labels are in HRP to help you plan for when menus will be disabled and to let you know about any menus we do not plan to migrate to PrismHR. A list of these menus is also available on Sunset Central of CRC. If you have any feedback on the menu migration plan, please contact your CSM.


As has been the case throughout the sunset process, we are not only moving functionality to PrismHR, but we are improving the capabilities and the usability of features as they are migrated. In this quarter, we have created a COBRA workcenter in PrismHR. The workcenter is organized by COBRA Setup, COBRA Processing and COBRA Reports for easy access. We will continue to migrate COBRA menus to the new workcenter in the coming quarters.

With the Sunset of HRPyramid near, it is more important than ever to stay current on the latest news, tools and discussions. Visit HRP Sunset Central today and be sure to Follow for updates!

Talent Management

Q3 Focus: Candidate Experience, Workflow Efficiency, Performance Management Integration Enhancement, Applicant Tracking Integration Enhancement

Applicant Tracking (ATS)

The candidate experience is critical in the war for talent and with that in mind, we have made enhancements to the Shared Career Portal, integrations and application process. Choice matters. With the two part application functionality now available, you are able to choose the candidate experience and how you receive applications per job posting. By choosing the two part application, candidates will have the ability to quick-apply to a position, bypassing the account creation requirement. Integration enhancements will allow a position within your core platform to sync smoothly into a job in your ATS, saving you time manually creating the job. You also have a quick way to get the information you need with additional search and filter options within your client management center. Additionally, access to a newly designed career portal template that brings a visually appealing look to your career site automatically while saving you resources and costly development.

Performance Management

We understand that a streamlined and well integrated experience is important and so we are making several enhancements with this top of mind. Starting next month, Performance Management will have a fully integrated, centrally located document management integration that allows you to search, export, and bulk download your current and future employee performance documents. The workflow management and notifications for performance appraisals is also key to ensuring the process of performance reviews is as smooth as possible. Now as an administrator, the path is clear to routing the performance appraisals efficiently without unnecessary steps. Once you hire a new employee, an appraisal is now auto-created for your new hire as well, saving you additional time. These streamlined enhancements allow for a faster setup so you can jump into the review cycle quickly.

For more information about Talent Management and other Q3 enhancements, check out the release notes.



Q3 Focus: Operational Efficiency, Compliance

OSHA Mass Report Creation

ClientSpace Premium customers using the Risk module will now save a significant amount of time generating OSHA 300 and OSHA 300A reports for clients.


In the past, it was a manual, time-consuming process to run an individual report for each client. Now you can generate all reports for the year by completing a single form (and one click of a button). One midsize PEO testing this functionality reduced the time spent generating OSHA reports from 15 hours to 29 minutes!

After reports are generated, they are automatically sent to the OSHA contact on your team. The individual OSHA 300 and OSHA 300A reports will also appear in each client’s workspace.

For more information about this time-saving feature and other ClientSpace enhancements, check out the release notes.


Q3 Focus: Operational Efficiency, Compliance

Q3 brings updates from the Compliance team to help you meet the ever-changing regulatory environment. A new FUTA credit reduction report has been added to assist with year-end reporting for applicable states. We have leveraged our enhanced Medicare logic for a new Medicare Tier 2 report to help reconcile tax reporting and the report can be broken out across clients for Schedule R reporting. This quarter also brings a couple of state-specific items. We now more fully support Oregon local tax forms to eliminate the need for user intervention by automatically mapping the employee elections for these taxes. For the state of Wyoming, users can now calculate Workers’ Compensation as a Tax Code allowing for consistency in calculation and reporting in line with other monopolistic states, like Washington.


Final release notes will be available at the time of the release in the Customer Resource Center.

The PrismHR Customer Support Team