Q2 2022 PrismHR Quarterly Release

The PrismHR Q2 2022 Release is scheduled to be deployed on the following Saturdays: 6/4, 6/11, 6/18.

Report Scheduling and New Manager Functionality Headline Q2 Release

Each quarter we release new features and enhancements across the platform to help you operate more efficiently, improve the employee experience, and expand opportunities to deliver value to your clients.

Here are some of the Q2 highlights:

  • Report Center – Report scheduling (#1 most requested feature)
  • Employee Portal – New employee and manager functionality: submit and cancel PTO requests
  • HRP Sunset – New tools and reports to help you plan the transition from HRP to PrismHR
  • PrismHR Reporting – Improved speed, stability and scalability



Scott Cormier discusses highlights from the Q2 release.

Check Out The Full Q2 Update for Each Product:

Payroll & HR  |  Employee Portal  |  Onboarding & Benefits Enrollment  |  Benefits Administration  |  Report Center  |  API  |  HRPyramid to PrismHR Feature Migration  |  Talent Management  |  ClientSpace  |  Compliance

Watch Now: PrismHR Q2 2022 Release Q&A Session

The Product Management team hosted an interactive Q&A with customers on features and enhancements in the upcoming Q2 Release.

Watch the replay to learn more about what’s new this quarter.

Watch the Q2 Q&A Session

Payroll & HR

We are pleased to show you the new features for Q2 with a live demo!

We have updated the look and feel of the manual check entry screen and enhanced it to allow allocation by location, departments, divisions, and positions! This feature is available to Worksite Manager and Trusted Advisors for added flexibility. The bank account will pull from the account defined in Client Details, 999 if left blank and the processor ID will reflect the WSM/WTA user who entered the manual check. Reminder: the Paycheck Calculator version of the manual check functionality will sunset in Q3.


Several usability enhancements were added to the Dashboard, a new at-a-glance view for recent payrolls and additional search capability to the employee listing, new columns of data and a new actions panel for easy access to items such as Pay Rate Change.

We continue to enhance the Process Payroll form this quarter adding a new Payroll Maintenance menu with a link to Payroll Control, added employee search capability to the Employee Listing and new quick access for Pay Rate Change and Terminate Employee.

Check out the live demo for all the details!

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Employee Portal

We continue to focus on enhancements to enable employees and managers to do more in Employee Portal. New self-service functionality includes the ability to submit and cancel PTO requests. When time off is canceled, an automatic message to the employee and approver ensures clear communication about the change.

In an effort to improve performance and the user experience, server-side pagination has been implemented on the Alerts form to speed up loading times and optimize data.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


Onboarding & Benefits Enrollment


DHS recently extended the policy which defers the physical presence requirement for employers to review original documents presented by employees to prove their identity and authorization to work in the U.S through October 31, 2022. Employees can now upload supporting documentation in I-9 Section 1 of the onboarding process to be reviewed by the approver in Section 2. We’ve also made UX improvements to make the I-9 workflow more intuitive, including clearer warning messages for required fields and errors that require attention.

In Benefits Enrollment, we’ve added a new “Pet Benefits” offer type, allowing you to group pet benefit plans under one form in the workflow. You can also add a new prebuilt Pet Benefits form to your open or anytime enrollment workflow.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Benefits Administration

Our continued focus on user experience brings several updates to the Enhanced Dashboard. New At a Glance views allow you to drill down into a specific offer type in Benefit Plans, view active plans or see a specific plan in Employee Benefit Enrollments, and more. We’ve also made enhancements to the Employees and Specific Employee views to help you more easily locate the information you need. 

A new Benefit Adjustments filter allows you to easily see all adjustments for an individual plan. We’ve also added a new action that allows you to view and modify benefit adjustments.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


Watch the PrismHR Product Management team’s Q&A about the Q2 Release.


Report Center


Data accuracy is essential and the recent conversion to parameterized reports ensures accurate data every time you run a report in Report Center. We’ve also converted all legacy reports to the new parameterized version. (Learn more about parameterized reports by watching the Office Hours recording.) Any customized views you have created in legacy reports will be saved and available in the corresponding parameterized report.

The #1 requested item for Report Center from PrismHR LIVE in October was report scheduling and it’s available with the Q2 release! You can now generate reports as a scheduled task using a simple workflow to set up parameters and delivery times. 

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


This quarter we are pleased to release API version 1.29 with extended features, functionality and improved performance. This version includes the ability to get System-Level Pay Codes and the ability to retrieve information about the employee’s COBRA enrollment process, qualifying events, payments and other details. We have also added pagination to the payroll voucher  and job applicant data for better performance and data processing. We have also added stronger password validation for web service users. Current passwords will not be impacted but if you need to change or add a web service user password, stronger password validation will be in effect.

To better serve the integration needs of our customers and vendors, PrismHR will no longer support SOAP and will exclusively support REST after the September 2022 quarterly release. Our final SOAP supported API will be version 1.30 due to be released in September 2022. Starting with API version 1.29, WSDL documentation will be available for maintenance purposes by request only. While you can choose to stay on API version 1.30 after September, no new features or functionality will be added to API versions in SOAP after that point. We recommend moving your integrations to REST to take full advantage of future updates.

PrismHR supports the current API version plus the last four versions. We release a new version of the API each quarter (March, June, September, and November). We will be removing access to unsupported versions over the next six months and beyond as new versions become available. We have emailed the schedule of planned access removal and the schedule will be available on the API documents with the support policy.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


HRPyramid to PrismHR Feature Migration


This quarter we have added new change management tools to help you with the sunset of HRP to PrismHR. First, we added the new HRP Sunset Tracker report with usage stats. This is a report of HRP menus with the planned date for disablement or the date the menu was disabled and also includes user(s) and the number of times a menu was accessed by month. Along with the report, new labels have been added to the screens in HRP with “Now in Prism – with the disablement date”.

We have also made available in HRP Sunset Central a report for download that outlines the menu name on HRP and the new menu path in PrismHR or Report Center. New items migrated this quarter include some Payroll Batch, Benefits, Payroll and Tax reports. Based on your feedback several reports are now available for download in CSV format.

Please visit HRP Sunset Central in the Customer Resource Center (CRC) and be sure to “Follow” the page for updates on all things HRPyramid and OnHRP Sunset.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Talent Management

In the February release, we’ve combined individual menus into a consolidation navigation which will enable quicker navigation between modules (e.g., Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Onboarding). You will also experience reduced latency now that we’ve eliminated redirects between those modules.

As we continue our focus on integrations, completed appraisals in Performance Management are now sent to the Document Management system and attached to the employee record in PrismHR. We’re also helping you find clients more efficiently by making the PrismHR Client ID searchable in the Client Management Center (CMC).

We’re introducing the ability to do a true job sync through the API, even if there is no employee assigned to the position. If you need to post a job opening or want a job as part of your library in Talent Management, it will be there going forward.

The Shared Career Portal features an updated UI/UX featuring your branding and colors that we’re confident will positively impact your candidate count.

Read the release notes to learn about these and other enhancements.




We’re always looking for ways to make working in ClientSpace faster. The new Saved Search Library allows you to choose from a dropdown list of your saved searches to easily find the information you need. You can even rename your saved searches for improved organization.

We’re introducing data form-like logic to the Organization, allowing you to kick off customizable workflows and notifications in the sales process.

ClientSpace enhancements are released monthly. Read the release notes.


For Q2 the compliance team focused on several high value features, the first being sick leave administration, building on the work that was started in Q1. This quarter the focus was on usability with the introduction of a new enrollment report, federal contractor support and accrual, usage and check stub flexibility. We have also made improvements to the performance when creating the MasterTax RTS file. Finally, we added improved logic for Colorado, NY, NRAs and Oregon tax calculations and forms.


Final release notes will be available at the time of the release in the Customer Resource Center.

The PrismHR Customer Support Team