Q1 2022 PrismHR Quarterly Release

The PrismHR Q1 2022 Release is scheduled to be deployed on the following Saturdays: 3/5, 3/12, and 3/19.

New Mobile App and Performance Improvements for API and Report Center Headline Q1 Release

Each quarter we release new features and enhancements across the platform to help you operate more efficiently, improve the employee experience, and expand opportunities to deliver value to your clients.

Here are some of the Q1 highlights:

  • Employee Portal – New Mobile App for worksite employees and managers, and expanded manager functionality
  • Report Center – Data performance optimization to reduce lag
  • API – 50% reduction in response times
  • Payroll / HR – Redesigned self-service processing workflow for improved efficiency



Scott Cormier discusses highlights from the Q1 release.

Check Out The Full Q1 Update for Each Product:

Payroll & HR  |  Employee Portal  |  Onboarding & Benefits Enrollment  |  Benefits Administration  |  Report Center  |  API  |  HRPyramid to PrismHR Feature Migration  |  Talent Management  |  ClientSpace  |  Compliance

Watch Now: PrismHR Q1 2022 Release Q&A Session

The Product Management team hosted an interactive Q&A with customers on features and enhancements in the upcoming Q1 Release.

Watch the replay to learn more about what’s new this quarter.


Payroll & HR

We are excited to bring you the Q1 Payroll and HR updates that are high value and highly requested to improve your operational efficiency and save you time. We have added new capabilities to the data import tool starting with a new Employee Loans import. You can add new data or update existing data to this import. This capability is available to Worksite Managers and Worksite Trusted Advisors and will accept Social Security numbers as the employee identifier. Bill Pending is now available as part of the data import tool and Payroll Type has been added. The New Employee import now includes the Retirement Benefit group.

We have also added Worksite Manager Proxy capabilities that provides the ability for the Service Provider to proxy in as a worksite manager or trusted advisor user to check access or to see what the WSM or WTA is seeing to troubleshoot issues more easily. Check out the video for a demo of this functionality in action.

For our Staffing customers, we have added mass termination capabilities specifically designed for staffing related businesses by leveraging placement data for employee selection along with enhanced filtering options for added flexibility.



We continue the Process Payroll Dashboard—previously introduced in Q4 2021—with an updated design and new tools. Icons and descriptive labels have been added so you have guided payroll step processing, making it easy to understand where you are in the process.

Other items in this release include Job Candidate form improvements and enhanced validations for email addresses.

Reminder: Paycheck calculator and the On-Demand Check process are being retired in this release. The fully redesigned and enhanced On-Demand Check processing was released in Q3 2021 and has full feature parity.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Employee Portal

Manager functionality has been expanded to include status/type changes, and the ability to submit and cancel PTO on behalf of an employee.

The PrismHR mobile app (available for Apple and Android) gives worksite employees and managers access to Employee Portal on the go. Anything a worksite employee or manager can do in Employee Portal they can do in the PrismHR app, including onboarding and benefits enrollment. They have full access to their HR and payroll information, whenever they need it. Manager functionality is also all here—approve time off requests, see employee details, and more. The app will be available in March (we will communicate the exact date it is available in the app stores).

We’ve also made ADA/Accessibility enhancements (e.g., compatibility with screen readers) as well as improvements to Employee Portal’s performance.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


Onboarding & Benefits Enrollment


Gender designation and preferred pronoun have been added to the Onboarding workflow on the Employee Information form.  We have also added the option to override work Geocode. A new business rule variable has been added for union designation to conditionally display forms to employees if they work at a union location.

In this release we have also added the Document Set builder configuration tool to minimize the administrative burden of configuring multiple forms.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Benefits Administration

An upgrade to charts enhances visualization and allows us to create them more quickly—and at an increased volume—in Benefits Administration as well as other areas in the PrismHR platform. 

Over the past few quarters we’ve made a number of updates to help you work more efficiently, headlined by the new enhanced dashboard. You’ll see navigation and layout improvements, tabbed quick access to your favorites and work centers, and a more cohesive overall experience when using Benefits Administration.

In Q1, we’ve added a Support tab to the Quick Access Panel, giving worksite managers easy access to support contacts. We’ve also introduced a new At a Glance view for Benefit Plans, giving youa summary of plans by offer type along with a corresponding data table that allows you to easily see how many active enrollments you have in each plan.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


Watch the PrismHR Product Management team’s Q&A about the Q1 Release.


Report Center


New parameter-driven reports added in this release include Revenue Activity with Headcount and Benefit Billing Detail.

To improve data performance in Report Center, we are refactoring all reports to parameterized reports. We will start with the payroll voucher reports and data sets, as well as employee dedication and client invoices, billing and payroll check registers.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


This quarter we are releasing version 1.28 of the PrismHR API. This version includes the ability to update enrollment plan details and terms and conditions information for your benefit plans.  Another feature added this quarter is the ability to set IP ranges for access instead of having to input each IP address individually. We have backfilled this capability to API version 1.23 and above.

Additional updates in this version include additional update Client Details fields, Monthly ACA data, Employee transfer information and performance enhancements. Please review our API documentation for full details on the updates added this quarter.

Reminder: PrismHR supports the current API version plus the last four versions. We release a new version of the API each quarter (March, June, September, and November). We will be removing access to unsupported versions over the next six months and beyond as new versions become available. We have emailed the schedule of planned access removal and the schedule will be available on the API documents with the support policy.

A word about SOAP: We are reviewing the possibility of end of life for SOAP support in our APIs. SOAP is more rigid, and any changes can often break the SOAP contract. By supporting REST only, we will still be able to release new features and functionality without breaking integrations already built and reduce the need for versioning as often. 

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


HRPyramid to PrismHR Feature Migration

With the Q1 release we have migrated the Historical Check Import capabilities from HRP to PrismHR into a Check Import Wizard. All menus have been migrated except for the Import Check Edit report which will be delivered in the Q2 release. EEO processing has been organized into an EEO Work Center, including the EEO-1 Download, EEO Headcount Summary Report and the EEO Detail Report. In addition, several Payroll Reports, Tax reports and some miscellaneous reports have been migrated.


We have added some change management tools to help you with the migration of menus from HRP to PrismHR. A new report called the HRP Sunset Menu Tracker has been added to HRP under System Admin, Reports. This report will show all menus and menu paths as well as the associated menu label – Now in Prism, Only in Prism or Now in Report Center. This data will be key to helping you plan for the migration of menus so you can better prepare and understand the impact the planned migrations will have on your organization.

Please visit HRP Sunset Central in the Customer Resource Center (CRC) and be sure to “Follow” the page for updates on all things HRPyramid and OnHRP Sunset.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Talent Management

In the February release, we’ve combined individual menus into a consolidation navigation which will enable quicker navigation between modules (e.g., Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Onboarding). You will also experience reduced latency now that we’ve eliminated redirects between those modules.

In the Client Management Center, we’ve added a time-saving manual candidate creation process which allows you to drag-and-drop a candidate’s resume into the system which then parses the data in the document and maps it to the appropriate fields in the candidate profile. We’ve also introduced a new Client Create Wizard for PrismHR-integrated clients which reduces manual data entry (and related errors) and allows you to onboard new clients more quickly.

Enhancements to employee integrations allow employees to manage user-level integration tokens. Crimcheck is the first partner to utilize this new functionality which will lay the groundwork for integrations with additional partners in the future.

Read the release notes to learn about these and other enhancements.




We are introducing ClientSpace Sides integration version 2, providing more accurate and easier processing of unemployment claims. We’ve also added Gradient AI Health underwriting, which uses AI-powered models to help price and understand risk related to health benefits.

The Contact Export functionality has been enhanced to help keep contacts from ClientSpace to PrismHR synced, to reduce the possibility of duplicate data, and make the process easier to use.

We continue to work on an Izenda 7 update to the current reporting system. Izenda 7 provides a faster interface when navigating and creating reports, along with a multitude of new features to improve the customer’s capability to report on and visualize data in ClientSpace. This work will continue over the next few quarters and we will update you as the project progresses.

ClientSpace enhancements are released monthly. Read the release notes.


Compliance updates are added not only in quarterly releases, but also in the monthly maintenance releases.

Many year-end updates were added in the December, January, and February maintenance releases. W-2 SSN masking, eFile updates, California support, as well as new tax withholding and tax processing modifications were added.

In the Q1 release we have added the option to remove the employee name from the OSHA 300 report, and made updates to the Client Federal Entity Tax Register Report and EEO-1.


Final release notes will be available at the time of the release in the Customer Resource Center.

The PrismHR Customer Support Team