NetWise FAQ

FAQ – PrismHR Acquires NetWise Technology

What did PrismHR and NetWise announce?

On September 5, 2017, PrismHR announced it acquired NetWise Technology, the creators of ClientSpace. ClientSpace and other NetWise services and offerings will continue to be available and enhanced on an ongoing basis. The NetWise team will remain intact and will become part of PrismHR. This acquisition expands the PrismHR Platform with the industry’s leading client service and CRM solution, ClientSpace, enabling an even more complete and productive workflow for HR outsourcing (HRO) organizations.

Why is PrismHR acquiring NetWise?

PrismHR works to create the best possible software platform to help HROs acquire, service and retain their clients.  By acquiring NetWise, the creators of ClientSpace, the combined company will continue to further that mission through deeper integration and efficiencies between PrismHR and ClientSpace.

What does this mean for current ClientSpace customers?

ClientSpace customers will continue to have access to the software and services they have always had from the ClientSpace team.  ClientSpace will continue to be enhanced and over time will incorporate deeper integration with PrismHR, delivering even greater efficiency.  Current ClientSpace services (implementation, training and  support) will continue without any changes.

Should ClientSpace customers continue to contact ClientSpace for support of their products?


How do I purchase ClientSpace or get access to services such as support or training?

Please visit

What is the organizational structure for the ClientSpace team as a result of this announcement?

The entire ClientSpace team will continue to focus on delivering the industry’s best client management technologies and services for HROs.  More specifically, ClientSpace Co-Founder Randy Wadle is now Senior Vice President at PrismHR and will continue to lead the ClientSpace product and business efforts.  Co-Founder Jim Antonino continues to lead ClientSpace engineering as Senior Vice President at PrismHR.

What does this announcement mean for PrismHR customers that don’t currently use ClientSpace?

For organizations that use PrismHR but do not currently use ClientSpace, this means that ClientSpace will now be available from PrismHR and over time will be more tightly integrated with the PrismHR platform.  By making ClientSpace part of the PrismHR family, HRO’s will have a more complete PrismHR platform that will improve their overall collaboration and effectiveness.

What does this announcement mean for HRO’s that don’t use PrismHR but use ClientSpace?

This announcement means that ClientSpace will continue to get even better for all HROs by providing additional resources that will enhance the ClientSpace offering.   The ClientSpace team will continue to work to deliver the great sales and service technology and world class support that you love today. ClientSpace will continue to be integrated with all payroll systems that are supported today.

What does this announcement mean for PrismHR and NetWise’s business partners?

There are no planned changes for partnerships associated with either organization.

What do I do if I have questions regarding this transaction?

Please contact your PrismHR or ClientSpace account representative.