PrismHR Pulse FAQ

What did PrismHR announce regarding Pulse?

Over the past year, PrismHR has made many significant improvements and upgrades to PrismHR products, infrastructure, and the team. This is significantly enhanced by the recent acquisition of NetWise, the creators of ClientSpace. All of this has been done with the goal of providing you with a greater competitive advantage in the market. These improvements help you to achieve the significantly higher growth rate that PrismHR customers see compared to those using other platforms.

As part of this ongoing wave of improvements, we have added a new module to the PrismHR core system. PrismHR Pulse, powered by ClientSpace technology, helps you take a more proactive approach to client satisfaction and improve your team’s productivity.

Is Pulse a required enhancement to PrismHR?

Yes, Pulse is core to the PrismHR platform and will be activated for you automatically. Pulse will help you be more efficient and improve your business through deeper insight to key data, greater efficiency and organization for key workflows, and dramatically improved client satisfaction. In fact, by simply having and using case management software, organizations show an average return on investment between 120% and 230%*.

I’m already familiar with ClientSpace. How different is Pulse from the legacy ClientSpace client service module?

Pulse is an updated version of the client service module, designed to get you activated and working quickly to track cases, create and assign tasks, and set and get alerts to key data in PrismHR.

When will my software activation take place?

Your software will be activated during your renewal month noted on the 2018 service renewal communication you received and your invoice.

What is involved in activation?

As part of the activation, you will receive an individualized training kickoff, online tutorials and articles, and access to the consulting help desk for additional training or customized guidance.

  • Activation Kickoff

Email our team at with a few preferred times and who you would like to attend this meeting, and we’ll get it scheduled ASAP in your renewal month. Many organizations don’t want to wait for their renewal month, and whenever possible we will try activate you prior to your renewal month.

The sooner you complete your kickoff, the sooner you can get started using Pulse. When you have your kickoff, we’ll review the capabilities of Pulse, help you understand ways to use it for your team, and give you guidance on the remainder of the activation process.

  • Configuration Meeting and Access to Pulse

We’ll gather your business requirements and configure Pulse to work for you and schedule your training meeting.

  • Activation Training

This session will give you the guidance you need get started with Pulse.

  • Access to Pulse

After your kickoff, we’ll send your designated administrator account information, and that individual can then enable others to access Pulse as well as set things up the way you want them. Then you’ll be off and running with the ability to set and manage alerts, create workflows, manage cases, configure and view dashboards and more.

  • Help Center Resources and Activation Guidance

We’ve made it easy to get started with Pulse, and we’ll give you access to a range of tutorials and articles to help your team learn and adopt these new capabilities. You will always have access to these resources, but during activation, you may have other questions or want some additional help.

After your kickoff, you will be with connected with your activation lead and have up to 8 hours of consulting time with the team as part of your overall activation. You can use those hours to work with the activation team to assist you in setting up Pulse, explore ways you can further customize these new modules, or simply get their input on how to use the new capabilities.

  • What happens next?

You are off and running, helping your team with improved access to data changes, managing customer issues, and staying on track with your overall efforts. You can also explore customizing Pulse for your team via a professional services engagement or look to expand these capabilities with additional modules purpose-built to help with sales management, implementation, risk mitigation or HR.

Is there any charge for the software activation?

The activation is included with your PrismHR service and as part of your adjusted rate for PrismHR software.

How can I access additional training on Pulse for my employees?

There is extensive help and education included in the Pulse Help Center. If you would like additional training for Pulse for your organization, or for other modules powered by ClientSpace, you can work with your account representative on a customized training engagement.

What are the next steps?

Identify the individual(s) in your organization who needs to learn more about about Pulse and email to get started.

*From analyst firm Forrester’s research studies of customers using top helpdesk software brands, comparing total benefits achieved to total costs incurred.