PrismHR Pricing for PEOs

Pricing for PrismHR’s human resources software for PEOs is a combination of base cost by software module with a PEPM (per employee per month) component.

We offer highly-customizable pricing options that allow us to build a solution specific to your needs. This ensures we can deliver the most effective ROI for you and also allows our solution to grow and scale as your needs change. Plus you can easily expand PrismHR’s capabilities with our partner marketplace of leading HR application providers.

These pricing options allow us to recommend the products and services you need to maximize effectiveness while keeping costs down. Our pricing scales — as does our solution. The more employees you serve, the lower your per employee cost becomes.

Contact us to get PrismHR software pricing.

How to get pricing information for PrismHR software:

Contact us for pricing information and we’ll set up a call to learn more about your needs. The process typically involves:

1. Initial Discovery

Our PrismHR pricing process starts with initial discovery. This assists our team with determining the best solution for your needs and allows for us to set expectations for budget review early in the process.

2. Fact Finding & Product Demo

After budget information is passed we proceed to fact finding and demonstration. During the demo we will show the most relevant solutions for your needs.

3. Pricing Estimate

We’ll present an agreement with a monthly cost for fixed usage with a growth component so it is easy for you to forecast the financial impact of future growth.