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Welland provides the turnkey EXPORT(c) solution, to mirror your PrismHR data real-time to your choice of SQL or Oracle.

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Turn-Key Data Solutions for PEOs Using PrismHR

Welland provides the turnkey EXPORT(c) solution, which opens your PrismHR system to data integration, data mining, and reporting from your choice of reporting package. Information is mirrored real-time to your choice of Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Translate Complex and Specialized Data Into An Industry-Standard Format

Visualize Your Data

  • Build reports using your choice of visual report writer
  • Create brilliant graphs and breathtaking charts
  • Expand your business intelligence through modern visual tools

Integrate Your Data

  • Integrate data real-time with other systems and applications
  • Perform data warehousing and data mining
  • Expand your solution to MS SQL or Oracle

Customize Your Data

  • Build OLAP Data Sources such as SQL Analysis Services cubes
  • Create custom dashboards to manage your business

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