People Risk Management Solution

ThinkHR is a trusted provider of HR knowledge and people risk management (PRM) solutions. With ThinkHR, PEOs like you can focus on client relationships, reduce your clients’ exposure to people risks, and outperform your competition. Combining high-quality compliance content and expertise with an easy-to-use cloud-based platform, ThinkHR offers the best PRM solution on the market.

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ThinkHR helps to better support your business by taking compliance tasks off your plate, allowing you to reduce the time spent on mundane, repetitive, yet time-sensitive HR topics. ThinkHR’s PRM solutions protect your clients while strengthening your sales pitch, giving you a leg up against your competition, no matter how large or well-funded.

ThinkHR includes:

  • Living Handbook builder with one-click Spanish translation and e-signature feature
  • 320+ employee training courses
  • Unlimited consultations with compliance and HR experts

With ThinkHR, you and your clients can to stay up-to-date on the latest compliance changes and legislative mandates; generate a continually-updated living handbook that includes best practices coupled with compliance requirements; deliver and track a broad array of training courses that facilitate proactive and reactive risk management; and access on-demand experts who act as your back office to research and simplify complicated HR issues.