SAFE Return to Work Program

A comprehensive return-to-work solution providing Strategic Actions for Employers (SAFE) to take in response to COVID-19.

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With a comprehensive suite of digital tools, SAFE is designed to help employers:
  • Track employee symptoms through a convenient phone app and reporting module
  • Utilize a 78-page strategic guidebook to create a safe work environment with safety policies, procedures, and tools
  • Provide mental and emotional health resources to employees to improve productivity
  • Communicate and educate their workforce as new information becomes available

Key Benefits

  • Symptom tracker to monitor employees
  • Reduce business risk through safety protocols and worksite redesign
  • Emotional Fitness to increase productivity
  • Ongoing resources to streamline communication of developments

Why Is This The Right Approach?

  • Many states are requiring some sort of tracking/monitoring
  • OSHA and CDC put out combined 50 pages of guidance and our book meets all “Standards of care”
  • Our price-point is super low when compared to similar programs



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