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Comprehensive paycard programs that eliminate paper checks, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Rapid! paycards are available on a phone app.

Payments Made for Today’s Workforce

Getting paid on payday is more important than ever. For those getting checks today, putting a rapid! PayCard® Visa® Payroll Card in their pocket means getting paid on payday without all the hassle of a check.

Now is the time to go 100% electronic with your payroll. So your people can get paid on time while you save time and money. rapid! delivers excellent service and is offered to employers at no cost.

Products & Services That Will Accelerate Your Growth

rapid! PayCard

Deliver a comprehensive paycard program that eliminates paper checks.

rapid! OnDemand

Pay on demand, as it’s earned.

rapid! Disbursements

A single platform for all your payout needs.

Deliver Pay on Demand, as It’s Earned

Employees get access to earned wages when they need them.

Employers increase job applicants, improve employee retention and lower workforce absenteeism.

Benefits of rapid!

Pick How You Pay

Anyone. Anywhere. Any way.

Pick how you pay with rapid!

Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency

With ePayroll your company will experience cost reduction & efficiency improvements through:

  • Eliminating check distribution and delivery expense
  • Eliminating staff time spent delivering paychecks
  • Reducing the number of checks issued and not cashed
    • Escheatment
    • Bank reconciliation
  • Minimizing your exposure to check fraud
  • Reducing the time spent on lost or stolen check replacements, off-cycle payments and termination payments

Save $3 - $10 per paper paycheck with rapid! paycards

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