Flexible Standalone Payroll Tax Management Solutions

PTM is a leading provider of HCM technologies. PTM’s Payroll Tax Management division delivers software and services to support businesses of all sizes with payroll tax filing. Delivered via a SaaS model with premium security controls, PTM’s FlexTax payroll software features an intuitive interface to enter, view and monitor all aspects of the payroll tax filing process. Most clients take advantage of PTM’s flexible service delivery model to outsource some or all of the complex payroll tax filing process.

The partnership between PrismHR and PTM provides professional employer organizations and staffing companies of all sizes access to PTM’s Payroll Tax Management solution with the added value of premium integration between the PTM engine and the PrismHR platform.

PrismHR clients can choose from highly scalable payroll tax management delivery options, from self-service to fully administered, and switch with ease as their outsourcing needs evolve.

Maintain compliance and control with the proven SaaS-based Payroll Tax Filing solution that offers flexible delivery and outsourcing options to meet your evolving needs.

The Industry’s Most Flexible Delivery Options for Payroll Tax Management

Whether you need full-scale payroll tax filing outsourcing service or web-based tax software to manage in-house, PTM offers flexible plans to meet your needs and budget—even as they change and grow. And since all of PTM’s service options use the same robust software, you can move between plans with ease.

24/7 Online Tax Portal Delivers Premium Visibility

Gain unprecedented transparency into tax returns, schedule, agency status, tax funding, and payment status

Make more informed decisions and boost efficiency with the PTM Tax Portal, a convenient web portal that provides access to historical and current-year tax data, plus all related tax information including liabilities, deposit records, and copies of the actual tax returns. The secure, easy-to-navigate portal displays real-time status of all your tax filing reports for Federal, State, and local municipalities. This transparency is especially valuable to customers with large, geographically diverse workforces who must manage taxes across many tax jurisdictions.

Asure Tax Portal

Why PTM?


Most organizations want to stay on the right side of compliance. But you don’t know what you don’t know, and the laws are always changing. PTM is an experienced Payroll Tax partner that can help you remain compliant, even for multi-state filings.


With increased complexity comes an increase in the time it takes to complete the tedious and multi-faceted tasks associated with payroll tax management. Engaging the right tool can boost efficiency and save time


Whether you need full-scale payroll tax filing outsourcing service or web-based tax software to manage in-house, PTM has options to meet your needs and budget.


All levels of PTM’s Payroll Tax Management solution leverage the same advanced software. So you can choose the service option that works for you now and be confident that you can shift to increase or decrease your level of outsourcing with ease as your needs change.


PTM’s standalone Payroll Tax Management solution works with any payroll provider. PrismHR clients enjoy a premium, streamlined experience thanks PTM’s established integration and partnership.

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Multi-State Filing Support Ensures Compliance

Easily manage tax filing for high-volume hiring and remote employees in other states

Managing multistate payroll taxes can be overwhelming. With the rise of remote work and a focus on employee flexibility, many employers are facing a heightened need to process payroll taxes that cross state lines. This multi-state filing process adds to the complexity of payroll taxes, especially with changing state and local laws and an evolving workforce. PTM’s system and experts are equipped to handle the complexity of filing payroll taxes across the country’s 11,000+ taxing jurisdictions.

“Our deep expertise in the complex landscape of payroll taxes uniquely positions PTM to deliver not only a user-friendly software solution to customers, but also the experienced counsel and support of a knowledgeable team of payroll tax experts.”

Pat Goepel, PTM Chairman & CEO

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