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Formerly known as ThinkHR, Mineral is the largest HR and compliance community in the U.S.

Mineral gives businesses peace of mind by proactively solving HR and compliance challenges with data, technology, and human expertise. Whether you’re looking to manage risk, free up your HR staff, or improve client response time, Mineral’s solutions will allow your PEO to scale up, do more, and stress less.

Entrusted by more than 900,000 employers through our extensive network of HCM and PEO partners, our HR and compliance solution is an essential ingredient for businesses to build their organizational health.

To help you tackle today’s toughest HR and compliance challenges, Mineral has partnered with PrismHR to provide complimentary access to Comply, Mineral’s HR Compliance library.

All PrismHR customers have exclusive access to this award-winning legal and HR resource at no cost.

Powered by the new Mineral platform, Comply provides one convenient, searchable location where you can go to answer your HR and compliance questions. Comply is a compliance watchdog, continuously monitoring over 3,000 federal and state legislation changes on your behalf.

To stay ahead of the HR and compliance curve, activate Comply today.

Mineral Comply includes:
  • One convenient, and searchable HR content library
  • eAlerts on changing Federal and State regulations
  • Key HR news, latest laws, and regulations
  • Updated COVID-19 resources
  • HR Assessment tool
  • Q&A stream
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Job description builder
  • Sample HR policies
  • Continuing Education Webinars

Mineral takes the guesswork out of HR and compliance so you can focus on what really matters – running your business.

With anytime access to tools, resources, and information that you can actually understand, you’ll have everything you need to keep your organization on track.

Premium Products:

  • Smart Employee Handbook Plus: Create an always up-to-date federal and multi-state compliant handbook in minutes, plus one-click Spanish translation, an e-signature feature, and automatic notifications when a policy change affects your handbook.
  • Learn (LMS): Over 300 employee training courses covering topics like workplace safety, workplace harassment prevention, and professional development. Compliant with state-mandated trainings, upload custom courses, earn certificates upon course completion, and automate course reminders.
  • Mineral Experts: Unlimited access to a team of 70+ certified HR and legal experts who cover subject matter in all 50 states. Talk live or submit a ticket and receive a response within one business day.
  • Stay ahead of the HR and compliance curve and tackle complex workplace issues with total confidence
  • Step up your compliance game with an always up-to-date employee handbook that’s powered by our industry leading A.I. tool Mineral Intelligence™, to ensure you’re compliant in every state you operate
  • Stay compliant, boost employee engagement, and reduce organizational turnover with an online library of 300+ training courses
  • Build stronger client relationships and seriously boost your bottom line


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