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Digital wellness platform for small businesses.

LifeSpeak is a digital education well-being solution comprised of over 2,000 custom produced, expert-led video-based trainings, with an emphasis on mental health and total well-being.

Employees can confidentially and anonymously access the short, easy to consume videos and resources and get the support they need to overcome life’s unexpected hurdles, keeping their minds and bodies productive at work.

LifeSpeak is a total well-being platform that helps organizations keep employees present, productive, and thriving.

We make it easy for employees and their families to access the support they need to overcome hurdles and accomplish goals, so they can remain productive at work.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Both a proactive and reactive solution to well-being and training needs – address challenges as they arise and educate on issues that may become critical in the future
  • Compliments an/or integrates with existing programs
  • Fills in critical gaps in existing programming with unparalleled depth and breadth of topics
  • LifeSpeak experts are acclaimed authors, medical professionals, and professors – not simply speakers who have taught themselves about a topic
  • Ever-expanding library of topics remains relevant and up-to-date
  • Complete tunnrkey service from our account management team, from launch to program maintenance, to communications and special custom initiatives
  • Benefits/well-being hub for the cross-promotion of other programs and services

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