IDShield: Identity theft and privacy protection for PEOs

Identity theft and privacy protection

Protect Employees’ Savings, Credit, and Reputation from Identity Theft

IDShield’s monitoring and comprehensive identity restoration services allow users to:

  • Get notified of unauthorized transactions and activity
  • Proactively protect themselves from data breaches
  • Track their credit score

Your clients’ employees will get peace of mind, protection they can count on, and support when they need it.

IDShield Plan Benefits Include:

360 ̊ Degree Protection

IDShield monitors your identity, credit, financial accounts, social media accounts, and provides online privacy reputation management services.

Real-Time Alerts

If a threat is detected to your identity or credit you will receive an alert. You can view your alerts on the IDShield mobile app, member portal, and receive them by email.

Full-Service Restoration and Unlimited Consultation

If your identity is stolen IDShield provides you direct access to a dedicated Licensed Private Investigator who will restore your identity to its pre-theft status, guaranteed.

Financial Protection

Financial account monitoring and a $1 Million Identity Fraud Protection Plan for unauthorized electronic fund transfers and identity theft-related expenses.

Mobile App

The IDShield mobile app makes it easy for you to protect your identity and privacy and track your credit score with IDShield’s monthly credit score tracker.

“Best Overall” Winner for 2021!

We are proud to announce that IDShield’s Individual 3 Bureau Protection Plan has been selected as @ForbesAdvisor’s “Best Overall” Winner for 2021!  Additionally, our Family 3 Bureau Plan is recognized as “Best for Families.”

IDShield awards logos

IDShield provides coverage for today’s identity and privacy protection needs at an affordable rate. The IDShield plan includes:


  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Investment Account Numbers
  • Social Security Number
  • Medical ID Number
  • Passport Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Usernames/Passwords
  • National Provider Identifier Number
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Credit/Debit/Retail Cards
  • And More!


  • Hard Credit Inquiry Alerts
  • Identity Threat Alerts
  • Social Media Alerts
  • Sex Offender Alerts
  • Financial Account Alerts


  • High Risk Application Monitoring
  • Public Record Monitoring
  • Sex Offender Monitoring
  • Financial Account Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Court and Criminal Record Monitoring
  • Credit Monitoring*
  • Telecom Monitoring
  • Child Monitoring (Family Plan Only)
  • Internet and Dark Web Monitoring
  • Online Chat Rooms and Social Feeds Monitoring
  • Payday Loan Monitoring
  • Local, State and Federal Database Monitoring
  • NEW! Reputation Score
  • NEW! Reputation Management
  • And More!


  • Medical Data Reports
  • Assistance in Analyzing and Interpreting Credit Reports
  • Lost/Stolen Wallet Assistance
  • Consultation on Common Trends and Scams
  • Identity Theft Consultation
  • Online Privacy Management
  • Data Breach, Identity Theft & Financial Account Safeguards
  • Cyberbullying Protection


  • Full-Service Restoration by Licensed Private Investigators
  • $1 Million Identity Fraud Protection Plan
  • 3B Credit Report Pre- and Post-Restoration
  • Pre-Existing Identity Theft Restoration
  • Unlimited Service Guarantee


  • 24/7 Emergency Access
  • Auto-Monitoring
  • Mobile App
  • Direct Access to Licensed Private Investigators
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracker
  • Live Member Support

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