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Artificial Intelligence solutions enabling Underwriting & Claims operations to make more profitable decisions faster.

Analytic Predictive Solutions to Outpace Your Competition

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AI provides a more accurate assessment of risk and greater accuracy in predictions than traditional methods.

With Gradient AI, you get a robust predictive analytics platform that leverages your own data, our federated data, and curated third party data for workers comp and group health plans. You can choose the combination of data assets that enable you to make much more informed and profitable decisions.


Capture More Business and Achieve Target Loss Ratios

Gain deeper insights on group health risks, and increase accuracy in pricing commensurate with risk

Streamline the quoting process to reduce turnaround times, automate with STP

Enable more competitive pricing with a more nuanced risk assessment to identify lower risk business that others miss

Claims Management

Gain Earlier Visibility to Reduce Cost of Claims

Improve claim outcomes

Reduce claim spend and related expenses

Decrease volume and severity of litigation

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