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Unemployment Cost Management

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For employers, Unemployment Cost Management (UCM) is complicated — really complicated.

From managing the tax liability for multiple SUIs, and correctly reporting and forecasting them within the organization, to following and adhering to the wildly different UI Integrity regulations in every state, UCM can be a giant resource drain. Managing all the moving parts, collecting all the input, handling all the responses and related paperwork gets overwhelming pretty quickly. Equifax gets it.

In 2019 alone, we helped our clients recover almost $200 million* in incorrect charges.

*Equifax client and DOL data

“What used to take me one to one and a half hours to do – I can probably get done in ten or fifteen minutes now.”
CaseBuilder Client
15% or 150 of every 1000 unemployment claims filed are audited by the state for payment accuracy**

**U.S. Department of Labor; Q3 2016

Equifax Can Help

Don’t worry, Equifax can help. With best-in-class technology solutions, Equifax has set the standard for UCM across the industry.

CaseBuilder™, an intuitive platform, reduces risk and identifies overpayments, while also providing visual key insight that drives improved win rates. Unmatched tax and regulatory experts, coupled with intelligent dashboards, offers savings to over 6,000 clients.

Equifax Unemployment Cost Management solution

With This Comprehensive Solution You Will Be Able To:

Know Before You Owe
  • Equifax tracks and reviews your annual tax rate notices and benefit change reports, while filing protests to protect merit-based and reimbursing account balances.
  • On-demand visual reports help forecast SUI impacts at a state-by-state level.
We Can Help Optimize Results
  • Support teams offer case consulting, government relations, hearing preparation and representation, and tax services to help optimize your program results.
  • You’ll have access to the latest technology that helps create timely and adequate claim responses with team delegation tools and UI Integrity alerts.
Tap Resources From Equifax So You Can Do More
  • Let Equifax help you minimize the time your HR department spends on managing cases. This service and technology securely collects, organizes, prompts and tracks responses for all claim activity.
  • Your dedicated expert consultant will analyze, file, and help prep your team for hearings and appeals.



Learn More About Equifax Unemployment Cost Management

Let Equifax tailor a UCM program that helps support your size and needs.  Contact us to get started.

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