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EPAY Systems Time & Labor™ is a leading time and attendance solution designed for the complex hourly workforce.

EPAY Systems’ cloud based time and attendance tracking solution is different from other workforce management solutions. While they’re built on rigid foundations, our system is flexible. That means we can accommodate all of your pay rule variations, easily conforming to your payroll and compliance requirements.

EPAY has a full integration with PrismHR, cutting down on your administrative time and creating a unified experience for users.

Choose from a selection of time tracking options that meet the needs of your workforce, whether that means:

  • Time theft busting biometric time clocks
  • GPS enabled MobilePunch™
  • Easy set up Fonen™
  • Standard WebPunch™

We can track any type of employee with ease. And set up with EPAY is easy too! Choose between fast set-up wizards or a fully outsourced implementation lead by an EPAY implementation specialist.



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