Secure automated API integrations re-inventing the way data moves with PrismHR
Reduce manual tasks, save time and increase data accuracy

GL Integrations Built and Designed for the Modern PEO World

Gone are the days of messy file uploads/downloads and manual tasks integrating general ledger information from PrismHR to the most popular small business accounting packages.

With detamoov, enjoy complete end to end API automation posting payroll general ledger information to QuickBooks Online and Xero.

API automation removes manual tasks posting general ledger data

Connect to QuickBooks Online and Xero

Full support for simple and advanced general ledger configurations

Connect to QuickBooks Online or Xero in 60 Seconds

detamoov’s simple setup process takes 60 seconds to create API connections to the most popular small business accounting packages.

Plus, access detamoov’s rich set of tools to easily debug and proactively identify any general ledger setup issue.


Ready for GL API automation that not only saves time but delights your clients?

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