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A Performance Management System that drives employee engagement.

Performance Software Designed Around the Unique Roles That Make Your Clients Successful

Reimagine goal-setting and performance management practices with user-friendly, role-based software that brings automation, flexibility, goal planning, and continuous feedback to your clients’ performance strategy.

Complete performance management for PEO clients

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Simplify and Streamline Performance Cycle Management

Leverage automation to save HR time, track the progress of performance cycles, and increase review frequency and employee participation.


Continuous Performance Management Improves Individual and Organizational Results

Easily customize review cycles and questions for each unique role giving each employee a personalized review experience designed to enhance performance. Use modern tools to solicit input, record private notes about performance, and enable 360-degree feedback and frequent check-ins.

With ClearCompany’s Performance, Engagement, and Goals Platform:


Chick-fil-A restaurants in Florida reduced turnover by 30% in just six months.

4x Increase

Monteith Construction achieved a 4x increase in employee engagement.

  • Higher Returns. Companies who manage objectives quarterly generate 30% higher returns than companies who manage them annually.¹
  • Lower Turnover. Companies that implement regular employee feedback have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than for employees who receive no feedback.²
  • Increased Engagement. Businesses that have effective employee recognition programs enjoy an almost 50% rise in employee engagement.³ Employees whose managers regularly communicate with them are nearly 3x more engaged than those whose managers don’t.⁴
  • Greater Employee and Business Productivity. Companies with the highest employee engagement levels are 22% more profitable and 21% more productive than those with low levels of engagement.⁵

Why performance management matters

Performance Features
ClearCompany performance features

Performance Analytics
ClearCompany performance analytics

Key Benefits for Your PEO

Enhance your customer relations, win new business, and build value to your PEO by offering best-in-class performance management and engagement tools to your clients.

Offer a comprehensive HR and Talent Management experience

Extend your reach and empower your clients to do what they do best while you do what you do best – manage HR.

Be on the leading edge of technology

Performance management solutions help an organization’s talent thrive like never before – enable your clients to understand their organizations by unlocking talent insights.

Enhance your customer

Provide more value with an expanded portfolio of products and services that will allow you to grow with your clients.

World-Class Service and Support for Every Client

Accelerate time to value with best-in-class implementation, account management, training, and support.

Implementation and Learning

A dedicated project manager will provide
you with an effective learning experience
with our platform. We offer in-house
solution specialists — no call centers.
In addition, our help center was designed
for self-driven continuous learning.

Account Management

Once out of the implementation phase,
receive ongoing support from your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We are here to support you with strategic guidance and system best practices.

Unprecedented Partnerships, Unparalleled Insights

No other talent platform integrates with more apps and tools than ClearCompany does.



Win New Business and Help Talent Maximize Their Potential

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Driven by a vision of a world where organizations perform optimally with empowered managers and engaged employees, ClearCompany is the world’s fastest-growing Talent Management Platform. Our unique approach puts company mission and vision at the center of over 2,000 clients’ talent processes, providing a strategic understanding of employee performance and engagement.