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Employee Engagement Tools designed to inspire productivity, foster teamwork, and increase retention.

Improve the employee experience with engagement tools that enable talent maximization.

ClearCompany’s Employee engagement tools enable a high-touch employee engagement strategy to foster connectedness, culture, and belonging. Help your clients understand employee sentiments to improve engagement, build trust, and ultimately increase retention rates.

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Create an active employee listening strategy

Track morale and capture employee sentiments with employee engagement surveys. Let employees privately share suggestions. Ask for — and act on — employee feedback to make people feel heard and valued.

Proof Points

Tracking and responding to employee feedback in real-time improves business results and workplace culture.


Annual engagement surveys are not enough. 59% of companies solicit employee feedback more than once a year and capture engagement data from other sources in addiGon to their annual engagement survey.¹


Organizations with highly engaged employees outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and have a 21% higher profitability and 25% lower turnover.²


75% of organizations will include employee experience improvement as a key performance objective for HR by 2022.³


89% of HR leaders surveyed agree ongoing peer
feedback and check-ins have a positive impact on their organizations.⁴

  • Build surveys with an intuitive user interface. Creating quick pulse surveys or in-depth engagement surveys has never been easier or faster.
  • Our survey suite offers insightful reports and analytics to quickly filter results, track trends, and spot issues.
  • ClearCompany’s Survey suite is affordable and directly correlates to ClearCompany Performance Management Tools.

ClearCompany Employee Engagement Surveys

Empower employees to send digital Shout Outs
of appreciation to co-workers and teams.

Build a supportive community with automated Celebrations
for employee milestones and new hire welcomes.

Shout Outs

Employee Celebrations

Key Benefits for Your PEO

Enhance your customer relations, win new business, and build value to your PEO by offering best-in-class performance management and engagement tools to your clients.

Offer a comprehensive HR and Talent Management experience

Extend your reach and empower your clients to do what they do best while you do what you do best – manage HR.

Be on the leading edge of technology

Performance management solutions help an organization’s talent thrive like never before – enable your clients to understand their organizations by unlocking talent insights.

Enhance your customer

Provide more value with an expanded portfolio of products and services that will allow you to grow with your clients.

World-Class Service and Support

Accelerate time to value with best-in-class implementation, account management, training, and support.

Implementation and Learning

A dedicated project manager to provide an effective learning experience with our platform, in-house solution specialists — no call centers, and an online help center for self-driven continuous learning.

Account Management

Once out of the implementation phase, receive ongoing support from our dedicated Customer Success Teams to provide strategic guidance and system best practices.

ClearCompany Data Labs

Receive strategic and industry insights from ClearCompany data labs based on data generated from 20 million applications, 800K requisitions.

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Win New Business with Personalized Employee Engagement Software

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