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Create efficient recruiting processes for hiring success with ClearCompany’s Award-Winning Applicant Tracking Software.

ClearCompany’s Applicant Tracking Software

ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System offers state-of-the-art tools for every phase of talent acquisition. Find, engage, and hire more top talent with our intuitive, modern, and AI-assisted features.



Accelerate Recruiting
with the Advanced
ClearText Suite

AI-Assisted Content
Generation Tools

Save Time and
Improve Recruiting


Streamline and Strengthen
your Interview Process
from Start to Finish

Improved Candidate

Build a Positive Experience
for Job Seekers and Increase
New Hire Win-Rates

Reduce Manual Tasks and Identify and Engage Top Talent Faster with ClearCompany’s AI Assistant

From turbocharging your recruiting process with an instant list of qualified candidates to responding to applicant questions on your career site 24/7, your AI Assistant is always here to help!

  • Generate: Instantly generate compelling, personalized content for key communications during the recruiting process.
  • Automate: Let our AI assistant automate your most time-consuming routine tasks, so your team can focus on the people they support.
  • Select: Confidently source with intelligent, actionable suggestions for qualified candidates across sources.
  • Summarize*: Increase hiring success rates and enhance team collaboration with automatic transcripts and summaries of interviews, screens, and 1:1s.
  • Answer*: Ask our AI assistant anything about your people data and get an immediate, practical response.

*Functionality coming H2, 2024

Improve Every Phase of the Recruiting Process with ClearCompany ATS

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Win New Business and Help Talent Maximize Their Potential

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