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Empower Your Employees With Earned Wage Access, Pay Card and Financial Wellness That Benefits Both Employees and Employers.

78%¹ of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, (nearly one in 10 workers making $100,000+ live paycheck to paycheck), while an additional 49%² find it difficult to meet their household expenses on-time.

This can result in many employees turning to predatory payday loans, high-interest credit cards and increase financial stress.

Revisiting the traditional payroll cycle is more important now than ever for HR providers, PEOs, WFMs, and large-scale corporations. This is why Earned Wage Access and Pay Cards are increasingly in-demand from today’s workforce, as employees now want choice, visibility and flexibility over the frequency of their pay.

Earned Wage Access is a solution that gives employees immediate access to a portion of the money they have earned – without having to wait until payday.

As a leading provider of Earned Wage Access and Pay Cards AnyDay can offer PrismHR customers what other providers can’t:

  • Free EWA and Pay Cards to employers and employees (when they transfer their wages onto their AnyDay debit card).
  • Certified integration with PrismHR using our open API’s.
  • Full payments capability – earned wages paid to debit card (physical and virtual), mobile wallet, bank accounts, and pay cards if needed.
  • As a card issuer/processor we generate revenue from the merchant interchange fees and do what most of our competitors can’t, which is offer a no cost Earned Wage Access solution.
  • AnyDay is a global multi-language solution.
  • Unmatched flexibility including the option for white label, customer logo-branded cards and integration into our customer’s existing app.
  • No extra work for HR or Payroll to implement and manage the solution.
  • No implementation fees.
  • World class reporting tool.
  • Branded marketing toolkit and a communication plan.

Stay Ahead of the Competition With AnyDay

  • Much easier transition from a weekly pay frequency to a bi-weekly or semi-monthly frequency by allowing your employees early access to their earned wages.
  • Provide employees a competitive benefit that supports the needs of today’s workforce.
  • Helps attract top talent – 81% of workers would take a job with an employer who offers on-demand access to earned wages over an employer who does not offer it.³
  • Helps retain talent – 80% of employees say they would stay with an employer longer if they offered EWA.⁴
  • Increased productivity – 80% of employers report that financial stress lowered their employees’ job performance.⁵
  • Increase in shifts being picked up due to the ability to access pay immediately after the shift and not having to wait.

AnyDay Can Help

Attract New Hires

Retain Top Talent

Increase Productivity

Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Alleviate Employee Financial Pressure

Create a Financially Literate Workplace

Simple & Seamless Implementation

Easy Access to Wages Earned for Your Employees

With a simple 5-step process, your employees can access the money they’ve earned, when they need it.

  1. Employee enrolls with an easy one-time activation.
  2. App shows earned wages available.
  3. A one-touch request gives the employee access to accrued pay on-demand.
  4. Funds can be loaded on a debit card or deposited into an existing bank account.
  5. Net wages are reconciled and issued to the employee at the end of the pay period.

Cost Considerations

Low-to-no cost option for the employer or the employee
AnyDay funds the earned wage access solution for the employee and employer

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