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Recruit and retain qualified employees with a low- to no-cost earned wage access solution.

AnyDay gives your PEO customers' employees early access to their paycheck through a convenient mobile app.

AnyDay: The World’s First Vertically Integrated Provider of Earned Wage Access and Other Financial Wellness Solutions

Nearly 80%1 of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck while an additional 49%2 find it difficult to meet their household expenses on-time. Unfortunately, this results in too many employees turning to predatory payday loans or high-interest credit cards.

Revisiting the traditional payroll cycle is more important now than ever for HR providers, PEOs, WFMs, and large-scale corporations. This is why earned wage access is increasingly in-demand from today’s workforce.

Earned wage access is a solution that gives employees immediate access to the money they have earned – without having to wait until payday. It’s a modern benefit that helps support employee financial well-being while also acting as an important recruiting and retention tool for employers.

As a leading provider of earned wage access and other financial wellness solutions, AnyDay is able to offer PrismHR customers with a competitive edge. It’s a low- to no-cost solution for both the employer and the employee, and gives companies a competitive edge by attracting and retaining motivated employees.

Stay Current and Ahead of the Competition

Because of the flexibility to white-label or offer the AnyDay earned wage access solution as an independent brand, our partners benefit from an API-driven, cloud-based solution that easily integrates into existing offerings and operations. Plus, our revenue-sharing capabilities make AnyDay a win-win for everyone!

Employees Get:

  • Paid the money they’ve earned whenever they want
  • Access to pay via prepaid card, mobile wallets, or bank accounts
  • More control over their finances with bill pay, savings, and financial planning capabilities

Employers Can:

  • Offer an impactful benefit to their employees and their business
  • Have access to a working capital lending option to fund earned wage wages
  • Easily integrate delivery of earned wages paid to virtual or physical debit cards, mobile wallets, and bank accounts into payroll and time & attendance systems

It’s Easy to Make AnyDay Payday

Easy Implementation for Employers

Quick and Easy Onboarding for Employees

Cost Considerations

Low to no cost option for the employer or the employee
AnyDay funds the earned wage access solution for the employee and employer

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Let’s Get to Work!

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1 Career Builder, ‘Living Paycheck to Paycheck is a Way of Life for Majority of U.S. Workers, According to New Career Builder Survey’,, August 2017

2 Paysurance, ‘Employee Financial Wellness Survey 2018 results’,, May 2018