Feel Bullish About Your Payroll & Billing Processes


PrismHR and Bullhorn have partnered to create the most comprehensive software solution for the staffing market.

With integration, staffing companies can save time and money while beefing up their overall productivity and managing their daily payroll, HRIS, and complex time and expense needs.

Heard About This Herd?

Did you know staffing firms provided job and career opportunities for about 16 million employees per year pre-pandemic and 13.6 million during the pandemic?
Source: American Staffing Association

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Staffing companies can choose whether they want to handle payroll and billing options in house or with our outsourcing option

Happy Trails

With integration, staffing companies can choose whether they want to handle payroll and billing options in house or if they want us to take the reins with our outsourcing option.

Come Full Circle

With PrismHR and Bullhorn’s combined expertise, companies can win clients, improve recruiting, invigorate onboarding and much more.

And with more than 20 years of experience helping over 80,000 small, medium-size and enterprise-level organizations along their payroll, billing and human capital management journeys, you can rest assured that we can help your staffing company achieve its business objective.

Listen … this isn’t our first rodeo!

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Hold on Tight—There Are a Lot of Possibilities Coming Your Way

Bullhorn Bull

The PrismHR Bullhorn Integration allows you to:

  • Incorporate a powerful, flexible and integrated payroll experience into your operation
  • Hire Bullhorn candidates as PrismHR employees
  • Auto-create locations
  • Synchronize changes
  • Send time and labor data from Bullhorn to PrismHR
  • Send direct labor costs from PrismHR to Bullhorn

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