Employee Performance Management

Aligning employee performance to organizational goals is critical to growing your business. Your employees are one of your greatest assets. PrismHR Performance Management can help your team develop and retain top employees, and increase employee engagement.

  • Align employee performance to organizational goals
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Retain top talent

With PrismHR Performance Management software, you can quickly set team and employee goals, solicit feedback and track manager and employee appraisals. Automated reminders help to ensure timely completion of performance reviews.

Employee Development and Feedback

Employee development is critical to the growth of your organization. Create achievable goals for employees that focus on frequent feedback and coaching by managers. With consistent coaching and development planning functionality, managers can provide timely and constructive feedback to employees.

Flexible Reviews

Review configuration is flexible enough to allow for many kinds of reviews for multiple organizational units, or even by the employee. Position-based templates allow for quick creation of reviews and content.

PrismHR's employee performance management dashboard

Manage employee performance reviews from the PrismHR dashboard

Template Library

Don’t start from scratch! We have a comprehensive library of job competencies, employee objectives, and core values. Did we mention that you will also have access to a coaching library for supervisors to draw from?

Consistent Communication and Feedback

Employees thrive on communication from managers and colleagues. Integrated coaching in the platform can help get everyone involved in the process. Communicating basic job competencies, setting objectives that support organizational goals, and having feedback sessions are vitally important to the success of your employees and ultimately your company.

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