PrismHR Demo Support

Make the strongest impression on prospective clients with a customized PrismHR demo from an experienced PrismHR Sales Engineer. A platform expert will tailor a technology presentation and discussion to your requirements, helping you accelerate the sales process while freeing up resources on your team.

Schedule a demo by selecting this option on the Additional Product Request Form.

What types of demos are available?

  • Prospect Sales Demo: A PrismHR Sales Engineer will present a customizable online demo (up to 1 hour) of the PrismHR platform for your prospect.

    All PrismHR customers receive one Prospect Sales Demo free of charge each year. The cost of each additional demo is $250. Save by purchasing a 10-pack of demos at a discounted rate of $200 each.

  • Product Demo for Prospect or Client: A PrismHR Sales Engineer will present an online demo (up to 1 hour) of an individual PrismHR product or select Marketplace services (see list below). These demos are always free of charge.

Which products and services can be covered in the demo?

PrismHR Sales Engineer will demo currently supported PrismHR products (see list below) and select Marketplace services.

  • PrismHR Hiring
  • PrismHR Applicant Tracking
  • PrismHR Performance Management
  • PrismHR Onboarding
  • PrismHR Time and Labor
  • PrismHR Employee Portal
  • PrismHR Benefits Enrollment
  • PrismHR Benefits Administration
  • PrismHR Payroll
  • Report Center
  • ClientSpace
  • PrismHR Adopt
  • HRWorkCycles WOTC
  • HR WorkCycles E-Verify
  • Workforce Hub (SwipeClock)
  • TimeWorksPlus
  • Databridge
Can I schedule a prep call with the PrismHR Sales Engineer prior to demo?

Our goal is to collect sufficient information during the scheduling process so that a prep call is not required. If you think a call is necessary, you may request one in the Comments field of the request form or via email once a dialogue has begun with the assigned PrismHR Sales Engineer. 

What happens if the Service Provider/Prospect cancels or misses the demo?

We understand schedules change and are happy to reschedule or cancel your demo with 24 hours advance notice.

  • 24 hours advance notice: You may cancel a demo and receive a credit toward your next demo or reschedule by notifying your assigned Sales Engineer.
  • Less than 24 hours advance notice (or no-show): No refund will be issued for cancellations or no-shows. Demos cannot be rescheduled and will be charged in full.  
If a second demo for a prospect is needed, will I have the same PrismHR Sales Engineer perform the second demo?

Our goal is to assign the same Sales Engineer for a second demo. However, scheduling may not always allow for this. In these cases, the new Sales Engineer will be briefed on the initial discussion to ensure the best possible experience for you and your prospect.

Can the Sales Engineer customize the demo with my prospect’s branding?

The Sales Engineer will tailor the content of the demo to your prospect’s needs but cannot customize the demo environment with their branding. 

What is my role/responsibility during the demo?

As the HRO representative, it is your role to be the voice of your company and support the demo from a service perspective. The best demos are the ones where you provide examples of how your service combined with technology is the reason a prospect should choose you.

How long will the demo last?

The demo may last up to 60 minutes. Some demos may end in less time based on the prospect’s level of engagement (e.g., number of questions).  

Questions? Contact for your Customer Success Manager (CSM).