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Reconcile carrier invoices against PrismHR enrollment and payroll data.

Eliminate benefit premium write-offs, quickly identify variances between systems at the employee and plan level to discover misconfigurations, data entry, and carrier billing errors.



Compare data from PrismHR enrollment and payroll applications to carrier invoices.


Automatically add new PEO clients and rates into Tabulera through the PrismHR integration.


Eliminate writeoffs

Eliminate Write-Offs

Avoid additional surprises as a result of write-offs from clients employee benefit premiums due to manual processes and disparate platforms.

Track Plan Balances

Tabulera creates employee plan-level transaction registers, so you have a clear balance history down to the penny, allowing for the proper collection or adjustments of premium variances.

Track plan balances

Use Tabulera’s Pre-defined and Flexible Reconciliation Workflow

Reconciliation Methods

How you reconcile might depend on your perspective. Tabulera lets you reconcile by plan or by company.

Track Unresolved Items

Using Tabulera’s filtering and notes features you can track variances across time allowing you to follow up on unresolved items.

Variance Elimination

Account for variances due to multiple pay frequencies, new hires, and termination timing differences.

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Experienced Software Partner

Our team has extensive PEO and insurance experience and understands best practices within the industry.

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