PrismHR Employee Spotlight

Jennifer Romano

Jennifer Romano

Director, Prism ASO Product



“I love working with our clients, be it virtually or in-person at their offices or at PrismHR LIVE, to learn more about the dynamics of their business needs so that we can build solutions that drive the product forward.”



Jennifer started her career with PrismHR as a support analyst almost eight years ago. In that role, she was able to use her knowledge as a platform user to help customers with their daily processes and to gain a broader knowledge of the inner workings of the PrismHR software.

After moving into support management, Jennifer wanted to have more influence on helping customers through product development and decided to pursue a future in Product Management. Through that role, she was able to combine her experience in the industry and as a user with customer insights to drive operational efficiencies in the product related to Payroll & HR. Most recently, Jennifer was promoted to Director of Prism ASO Product, where she will lead the product initiatives for that market.

Tell us about your professional background.

I was a Payroll & HR professional for 17 years before coming to PrismHR, and I used our legacy platform for many of those years. I have always had a passion for Payroll & HR, but I wanted to have a more holistic impact on the industry. Throughout my career, I have worked in pretty much every capacity within a PEO / ASO service provider which included a dual role as an IT frontliner for my branch. I have used many payroll systems, but HRP & PrismHR was by and large, my favorite. I decided to pursue a career at PrismHR that would allow me to take my industry and system experience to the next level. Having the background of how PEO’s and ASO’s operate and why and being able to translate that to improve the product has been very rewarding.

What interested you in PrismHR product management?

While I was in support, I had the opportunity to work with many groups across the organization to launch new products and updates. I worked with delivery teams, the product team, QA [quality assurance], development and others, and I started to see what a pivotal role product management plays in ensuring the customer needs are incorporated into the product. I really loved the idea of transforming my background and the customer perspective into new features and solutions. I was excited when an opportunity in product management became available, and to be able to make an impact in the next chapter of my career as a product champion and customer advocate.

What is your favorite part of being a senior product manager at PrismHR?

My favorite part of being a senior product manager at PrismHR is building relationships with our customers. We have such an incredible customer base that put so much pride into their work and are incredible partners with PrismHR. They truly are our product influencers, and I am constantly learning new ways to innovate from them. I want our customers to feel like I am an extended member of their team. I have sat on their side of the desk throughout my career, so they know I get it, and together, we have built some great solutions.

I also love working with internal and external stakeholders and inspire cross-functional teams to deliver experiences users love. I take great pride in my involvement in the review process for our customer submitted Prism ideas and leveraging them to maximize efficiencies throughout the platform. That includes things like imports, bulk actions, and workflows that streamline processes that allow users to reduce the overhead associated with manual tasks so that they can focus more on their business. I file every customer submitted Prism idea into my backlog and organize them into bucketed themes to help me build out the next 12-month roadmap. If the idea is not planned for the next 12 months and is closed, the idea remains in the bucket so that down the road when we do target something for that theme into the roadmap, the feedback from our customers is captured and moves forward as we evolve the product.

What projects are you currently working on?

Jennifer Romano's family.

I have recently been promoted to Director, Prism ASO Product where my focus will be on defining the product strategy to expand our ASO & self-service offering. I’m super excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get started!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

I am married with two amazing kids. My daughter has her master’s degree and is an HR Professional in the Recruitment space. My son is currently serving our country in the US Navy. When I’m not working, my greatest joy comes from spending time with my family.

I also love to cook! Grilling is my specialty and my favorite. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to grill all kinds of foods. I am also a music enthusiast so there is always music playing throughout the house or in my office. Jazz and yacht rock hits are my go-to for weekend chilling. I also love playing golf, darts, cornhole, and any board game as well as dice, cards, or trivia!