Webinar Series:
Time Tracking and the New Workplace

This webinar series will help ensure you have the best time tracking tools to manage new and ever-changing client needs.

The workplace is changing faster than ever right now due to COVID-19 and the economy. As a result, new challenges for how you work and manage employee time have emerged.

These include:

  • Shift scheduling with workforces needing more flexibility
  • The need to implement symptom checking questionnaires
  • Need for more efficiency with smaller teams and leaner budgets
  • Overall ability to more effectively ensure employee safety

These changes mean:

  • The number of clients that need time tracking is increasing dramatically
  • Helping your clients adopt time increases their engagement and your efficiency
  • You need to ensure you have the right time solution for your clients needs

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Timekeeping Challenges During the Age of COVID-19

Monday, October 5th at 2 pm ET

In this webinar we will discuss the importance of touch-free clock operations for Onsite workers, quick punch, clock operation communication modules, and more manageable schedule and coverage management for staggered schedules implemented due to limited staffing capabilities.

The Efficiency Breakthrough: Make Time and Attendance Easier with SwipeClock and PrismHR Integration

Tuesday, October 6th at 2 pm ET

The new integration between SwipeClock time and attendance and PrismHR offers greater efficiency than ever, easier than ever. Join our webinar to see how easy it is to shave 15 minutes per client on every payroll period, increase your profits, and keep your clients up to five years longer.

How to Keep Your Workforce Safe & Reduce Costs During the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

Monday, October 12th at 2 pm ET

Do you have clients that need a Time and Labor solution that can handle everything from different pay groups and union contracts to overtime rules and shift differentials – all across multiple states and local jurisdictions? EPAY’s Time & Labor is that solution!

Experience PEO Growth: Learn What Clients Wish You Did Better!

Tuesday, October 13th at 2 pm ET

Stratustime provides PrismHR PEO partners with advanced integration and a single sign-on for clients. Stratustime is a world-class automated time & attendance system, with seamless PrismHR integration, scalable desktop and mobile features, and user-friendly interface.

XactTime and Working Remote

Friday, October 16th at 2 pm ET

Synel Americas offers a variety of solutions to make time capture easier and safer than ever before.

With a seamless integration to the PrismHR platform, XactTime makes managing remote employees easy by allowing web punch capability and geofencing with our free mobile app, so you know when and where employees are punching from.

Timekeeping Made Easy

Monday, October 19th at 2 pm ET

Learn about TIMECO’s new Mobile Optimized website with enhanced scheduling and a new industry leading user interface.

The new TIMECO employee workplace is loaded with new features and enhancements that are guaranteed to impress.

Who should attend our Time Tracking webinars?

Who Should Attend?

Any HRO employee that wants to help:

  • Clients and employees adjust to the new workplace due to to COVID-19
  • Your HRO and/or your clients with overall time savings
  • Ensure you are using the best possible time solution to match your clients needs by staying up to speed on the latest and greatest technology choices
  • Find new ways for clients and employees to adopt a time solution