How PathGoal Improved Sales Effectiveness and Streamlined Client Onboarding

Case Study

Like many PEOs in growth mode, PathGoal knows competition for new clients is fierce. Delays in the sales and implementation process can put deals at risk and set the wrong tone for new relationships. And when you’re fighting for deals, you need data to focus your resources on the most profitable opportunities.

“Tracking prospects through the sales process was a very manual effort,” said Shane Underwood, Human Resources Information Systems Manager at PathGoal Employer Services. “And when it came to pricing and underwriting, it was clear how inefficient we were.”

PathGoal lacked insight into where prospects were in the sales cycle, and there was very little data to help inform its targeting strategy. When a contract was signed, Underwood would often have very little lead time to get a new client set up which was taxing on the staff.


“With PrismHR Sales Management, we have much greater visibility into our pipeline and I can better anticipate when clients will need to be implemented.”


When PathGoal’s leadership saw how Sales Management could help automate pricing and streamline the proposal and underwriting processes, the directive was clear: We have to have it.

“Our president was impressed that a salesperson could input prospect data and generate a proposal instantly,” said Underwood.


Easier, more efficient new client onboarding with PrismHR Implementation

Setting up new clients quickly relies on precise collaboration and communication, particularly between the sales and implementations teams. In many cases, it’s a quick handoff with a tight deadline, and the first opportunity to show a new client you can deliver on your promise.

“Internal communication around onboarding new clients was a pain point for us,” said Underwood. “We lacked a standardized onboarding process and spent lot of unnecessary time and energy tracking down the information we needed to get clients up and running.”

“PrismHR Sales Management creates greater efficiency and consistency in how we deliver pricing to prospects, and speeds up the sales process.”

Shane Underwood
HRIS Manager
PathGoal Employer Services

Underwood handles all client implementations at PathGoal, and the need to standardize processes and improve efficiency became critical as the organization grew. With PrismHR Implementation, Underwood now saves time by automating parts of the process and can track onboarding milestones for each client so all stakeholders are aligned on expectations.

“Implementations are customized for every client but many of the steps are the same,” said Underwood, a PEO veteran of more than 20 years.


“With PrismHR Implementation, I can design workflows for repeated processes so we don’t spend time recreating them. I can also auto-assign activities to colleagues in sales, HR and payroll which saves time and improves collaboration.”


“When a task is assigned, that team member receives an alert. And because everything is tracked, it prevents work from falling through the cracks,” said Underwood.

Having a centralized place to track milestones and provide updates has also improved communication with clients. A visual onboarding timeline everyone can access makes it easier for both the PathGoal and client teams to remain in sync throughout the process.

“Managing a standing meeting with a dozen attendees can be incredibly difficult to schedule,” said Underwood. “PrismHR Implementation allows me to share updates that clients can access at their convenience without adding noise to their inbox or calendars.”

PathGoal has made PrismHR part of the infrastructure that enables the sales and implementation teams to work more efficiently and provide the best experience for new clients.

“Sales Management helps us manage the sales process more effectively and with greater insight,” said Underwood. “And with Implementation, we can provide a better first impression for new clients which sets the stage for a strong partnership in the future.”

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