Cloud Data Courier

Nightly delivery of all PrismHR data for your reporting tools or data warehouse

Cloud Data Courier is an add-on feature that lets you access data in your PrismHR cloud database, so you can write your own reports or integrate the data into a data warehouse for use in other systems.

Cloud Data Courier delivers a complete copy of your cloud database to an SFTP server on a nightly basis, and the data transfers one-way from the PrismHR cloud to the SFTP server.

Cloud Data Courier is particularly well-suited for your organization if you have advanced technical/IT resources, the know-how to create your own reports, and if you understand the technologies needed to use the data (such as building, maintaining and running custom Unidata reports).  If you have the knowledge or a plan to transform data from a multi-value format and into a format like SQL via a partner like Welland, you will also find Cloud Data Courier to be very useful.

If you feel Cloud Data Courier is the right tool for your business, contact your sales representative for more information.