Onboard new clients faster

PrismHR Implementation helps you bring on new clients more quickly and efficiently.

Improve collaboration and keep the process on track without messing with spreadsheets or a separate project management platform. Ensure clients are onboarded using a consistent process no matter who at your company is involved in the implementation. And because you only need to enter client data in one location, you’ll save time and improve data accuracy.

Implementation extends the functionality of PrismHR Pulse℠, a central place where your team can see everything going on with your prospects and clients.

How PathGoal Improved
Sales Effectiveness and
Streamlined Client Onboarding

Project Management

Create project milestones and assign tasks to keep your team organized while tracking progress across each stage of the implementation.

Improved Collaboration

Display activities in a visual onboarding timeline to help align expectations and improve collaboration with your new client.

Data Sharing Across PrismHR

Easily push client information to the PrismHR payroll module, saving your team the time required to re-enter data. One click, that’s it.

Completely Configurable

Customize the Implementation module to best fit how your team works and experience the difference of working with tools and intelligence tailored for you.

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