HR Admin

Save time by centralizing employee data management, unemployment claims and leave of absence tracking

HR Admin helps reduce the workload of your HR team by centralizing a number of administrative tasks, including updating employee data, tracking leaves of absence, and managing unemployment claims. HR Admin shares data across the PrismHR platform, helping you maintain accuracy without the need to update information in multiple modules.

HR Admin extends the functionality of PrismHR Pulse℠, a central place where your team can see everything going on with your prospects and clients.

Employee Data Management

HR Admin lets you access employee data in one secure, centralized location and make edits in real-time.

Improve Data Accuracy

View profiles, add custom fields, and update employment information easily with HR Admin.

Increase Efficiency

Set customized workflows in motion based on a variety of events—such as a new hire or termination, change in residence, or a promotion—to automatically assign tasks and deliver communications.

Avoid Delays and Errors

Use event-based alerts and tasks to eliminate the confusion (and cost) that can result from a delay in acting on data changes, such as a paycheck mailed to the wrong address or failing to send a COBRA notice to a terminated employee.

Unemployment Claim Management

See a dashboard of unemployment claims, project payments, and get insight into your high risk clients. Check in on the status of one claim or perform an analysis across your portfolio—HR Admin performs all the data aggregation.

Leave Tracking

Make leave of absence tracking easier, filter cases by category, status and FMLA eligibility, and set up links to downloadable government forms. Stay on top of important dates and send email reminders to employees about events such as a return to work date.

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