Q2 2021 PrismHR Quarterly Release

The PrismHR Q2 2021 Release is scheduled to be deployed on the following Saturdays: 6/5, 6/12, and 6/19.

Scott Cormier discusses highlights from the Q2 release and our upcoming live Q&A session:


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Join the PrismHR Product Management team for a Q&A focused on the upcoming Q2 Release.

See answers to questions about all the upcoming new features and enhancements answered during this recorded session.


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Payroll & HR


A redesign of the Rehire form adds many new features, an updated UI, and E-Verify support which was previously a manual process. Also, you are no longer redirected to the Employee Details form to make changes related to the rehire. We’ve also added a new setting to the Client Controls form to enable electronic onboarding for rehires (you can choose to prompt, enable, or disable this feature).

Self Identity Codes for gender designation and preferred pronoun are now located at the system level. Service providers can now define the options needed in Employee Portal. Preloaded values for both gender and pronouns are available but you can edit as desired.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Employee Portal

Managers, worksite employees, and service provider users can now add an attachment when submitting a question (case) in Support Center. Additionally, service providers can now add case notes containing additional information or a comment that is visible to the employee who initiated the inquiry. That employee can then respond to the comment, starting a dialogue between both parties that is archived within the case record.

Employees can now edit their gender designation, pronoun, and ethnicity. Service providers can configure Employee Portal to show or hide any one or all of these options.

Managers can now prompt a password reset for employees from Employee Portal. The employee will be emailed a link to reset their password. Note: A manager cannot set or see the new password.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


Onboarding & Benefits Enrollment


Simultaneous workflows allow you to configure different onboarding workflows for multiple employee scenarios, such as standard new hire, rehire, and take-on. Previously, you were limited to using a single workflow. Also, be sure to watch the video for a sneak peek at Spanish language support.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements: Onboarding  |  Benefits Enrollment

Join the PrismHR Product Management team for a Q&A about the upcoming Q2 Release.




Report administrators now have a central location to manage (edit, share, delete) Views that have been created for reports. A number of improvements have been made to the main Report Center page which make it easier to find which reports contain specific fields. We’ve added a ‘show selected items only’ option to the Client selector to avoid having to scroll through potentially large lists. New reports continue to be added, with this quarter’s release including a number of accounting reports.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


API version 1.25 includes a Rehire overhaul which reduces the number of API calls necessary to perform a rehire.

Additionally, we’ve created an asynchronous API method which can pull year-to-date data for a single employee, all employees of a specific client, or all employees across a database account. This is particularly useful if you want to perform an initial sync of data with another system.

To help those of you who offer PrismHR functionality from your own applications, we’ve added the ability to retrieve, add or delete a client Bill Pending entry.

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.


HRPyramid to PrismHR Feature Migration


The 2021 941 Worksheet has been added to the quarterly tax processing Work Center. This now includes the ability to generate the 941 worksheet for a single client and the report has been formatted for easier reading. We’ve added an ACA Work Center with setup, processes, and reporting sections. These sections include a number of forms, with additional forms coming in the Q3 release.

As a reminder, forms that are migrated from HRPyramid to PrismHR display ‘(Now in PrismHR)’ in HRPyramid menus. After a form has been available in PrismHR for a full quarter, it is disabled in HRPyramid menus with an annotation of ‘(Only in PrismHR)’. 

Read the release notes to learn more about these and other enhancements.

Talent Management

Quick Job Post removes a number of required field constraints, enabling you to create a job and get it posted out to your portal and job boards much faster (in 4 clicks!).

In the Client Management Center (where you can manage data across clients), we’ve added the ability to create custom ‘sub administrator’ roles. This will enable you to define what those users can do in the system, such as create a client, manage a client, create a requisition, change passwords, etc.

In Performance Management, administrators can now determine which sections of an appraisal supervisors, employees, and shared appraisers can see and interact with. This visibility applies to appraisal details screen and all associated appraisal reports.

Read the release notes to learn about these and other enhancements.




Enhancements to the Employee Export allow you to export employees to PrismHR even if they already exist in other clients in PrismHR without duplicating data. For sales proposals, it’s now easier to regenerate pricing using revised employee census data. For example, you may present a sale proposal today using census data but need to re-present pricing a month from now using revised numbers. This enhancement makes the process of replacing the former data easier.

You can now view all documents associated with a workers’ compensation claim and easily export them into a single ZIP file using the new comp claim document search.

ClientSpace enhancements are released monthly. Read the release notes for Release 103.


Adjustments have been made to support FFCRA and Employee Retention Credit extensions under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Also, a new field has been added which allows you to enter COBRA Premium Subsidy Credits if they are not otherwise in the system (especially for those customers who do not use our COBRA solution and are looking for a way to track these credits). We have also added support for COBRA election and extension notices.


Final release notes will be available at the time of the release in the Customer Resource Center.

The PrismHR Customer Support Team