Summit Apex FAQ

FAQ – Migration Program for Summit Apex Customers

What did PrismHR announce for Summit Apex customers?

PrismHR recently announced the official migration program for Summit Apex customers to PrismHR. This program provides options and facilitates the move from Apex to PrismHR. As part of this program, PrismHR announced that on June 30, 2018, Summit Apex software will no longer receive fixes, maintenance or custom programming.  PrismHR will address critical work stoppage issues and compliance requirements and provide support through December 31, 2018.

What does that mean for Summit Apex customers?

It means that this is the best time to collaborate with the PrismHR team to start determining the best PrismHR solution for your business needs. For Apex on-premise or cloud, you will no longer be able to get fixes after June 30, 2018, and support will be not be available after December 31, 2018.  PrismHR will address critical work stoppage issues and compliance requirements through December 31, 2018.  It also means that after December 31, 2018, you will no longer be able to use the Apex Cloud.

Why is this happening?

PrismHR acquired Summit Software in February, 2016. PrismHR’s overall goal is to help make HR Service Providers as effective as possible. Since the acquisition date, the PrismHR team has worked with the Apex community to understand your business needs and explored a range of options and requests going forward including a dedicated track at PrismHR LIVE 2016.

Based on that input, the competitive landscape and other factors, we believe that consolidating engineering and support efforts around the industry’s most complete, flexible platform, PrismHR, will help drive service provider productivity, ROI and growth. We’ve used the collective knowledge from almost a year of conversations with more than 100 PrismHR clients using Apex to ensure our team is ready to help your business choose the best possible path with PrismHR, as well as continuing to leverage input from the Apex community to help shape the product roadmap.

What are the steps to migrate to PrismHR?

1. Meet with your account representative to explore the best options and approach for your business.

2. Choose the right PrismHR solution for your business and then start your software and customer migration to PrismHR.

3. If you haven’t already learned about PrismHR, or if you want a refresher, view this on-demand webinar.

How will migrating to PrismHR help my business?

PrismHR provides a deeper, more flexible software solution to help run your HR outsourcing operations, increasing your overall productivity, helping you grow and win larger clients than ever before. In today’s rapidly changing landscape, PrismHR is the only multi-client centric platform that will help you stay competitive.

The modern PrismHR user experience and additional resources to support your sales and marketing efforts will help you win new business. With offerings like mobile-centric benefits enrollment, integrated time and labor and applicant tracking software, combined with a range of prebuilt partner integrations for performance management, CRM and more, you can expand the services and value you offer. You can also choose to use the Web Services Application Programming Interface (API) to customize and integrate with other systems. All in all, HR service providers using PrismHR technology self-report annual growth rates 63% higher than those using Apex.

PrismHR is the only software solution available designed to support any business model or service level from Payroll only to PEO, ASO, or even pure SaaS. This unique approach means you have the only unified solution available to expand your business by adjusting to the specific needs of clients you already have and clients with changing needs.

How is PrismHR software priced?

Overall, most PrismHR software offerings are priced per worksite employee per month.  However, your pricing model will vary based on the software modules you choose.  Your account manager will help you determine the right solution for your business.

How is PrismHR deployed?

The PrismHR Cloud is hosted at our trusted partner, Rackspace. By using the the PrismHR Cloud, you get scalability, security, software updates and your subscription covers the costs and resources associated with hardware, networks, and other infrastructure. PrismHR Cloud customers get access to the newest capabilities and industry leading support.

What is included in the implementation?

We’ve completed more than 20 migrations from Apex to PrismHR over the past 3 years. Since February 2016, the PrismHR implementation team has collaborated closely with the Apex team in Little Rock to streamline the migration process.

Your implementation will be designed for your unique business requirements, and include an assigned project manager, practice lead, implementation specialist and data engineer.  The steps are summarized below.

How is implementation priced?

Your implementation price is based on the number of worksite employees you have and the modules you are choosing to implement. Your account representative will help you learn more about the implementation process as you determine the right path for your business.

What about software maintenance and support?

Ongoing software fixes and updates are included with your software license fees. PrismHR currently plans for major software releases once every quarter, with compliance and other critical improvements released throughout the year. Your software license fee also provides access to an online knowledgebase, a learning management system, and a dedicated technical support team.

Are there other services or support options available?

Yes. There are a range of services including best practices consulting, customized training and a range of additional support options available. Please explore these with your account representative.

What are some of the other advantages of migrating to PrismHR?

PrismHR is one of the largest benefactors of the PEO industry, including serving as a Black Medallion sponsor of NAPEO, along with supporting and providing assistance with ESAC, APEC, PACE and other industry organizations.

By using the PrismHR technology you also get free access to the industry’s first and only sales and marketing support program, PrismHR SEEDS. This unique offering provides resources and content to accelerate your sales cycle, reduce your marketing costs and increase your win rate. SEEDS delivers prebuilt, customizable resources like datasheets and demos, how-to guidance on sales and marketing strategy and tactics, and ongoing training to assist your sales and marketing efforts in selling PrismHR technology combined with your services.

Additionally, PrismHR hosts and runs the industry’s largest technology conference of the year, PrismHR LIVE. This multi-day conference provides opportunities for PrismHR customers to meet face-to-face with peers, industry leaders, PrismHR employees and partners to share knowledge, learn how to increase efficiency, take advantage of best practices, and improve their businesses overall.

PrismHR LIVE 2017 will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, on June 13-15. Summit Apex users who attended PrismHR LIVE 2016 noted many benefits of attending this conference, including having the chance to come together and meet peers face to face and the ability to get insight into best practices and the latest and greatest technology. You can be the first to know when PrismHR LIVE 2017 registration opens by signing up now.

Can I continue to purchase Summit Apex software licenses prior to December 31, 2018?


What is the timeline to migrate to PrismHR?

The length of your migration is determined by the complexity of your business and the modules you choose. You should plan to have completed your migration by December 31, 2018. Migration “slots” are filling up now for 2017, so please coordinate with your account representative as soon as possible.

Will the Apex General Ledger (G/L) continue to be available?

The Apex G/L will receive fixes and maintenance until June 30, 2018, and support will be provided until December 31, 2018. If you choose, you can continue to use the Apex G/L with Apex or export out of Apex and use it with PrismHR until December 31, 2018.

Does PrismHR offer a G/L?

While PrismHR doesn’t offer a full G/L, PrismHR provides the majority of operational accounting functions needed. An external G/L system is required to produce financial statements based on the payroll information generated by PrismHR and to produce non-payroll related accounts payable, such as rent and utilities.

Please note that PrismHR has no plans to build G/L functionality. Apex customers can leverage the existing PrismHR exporting capabilities to continue to use the Apex G/L functionality until it is no longer supported on December 31, 2018.

At that time, those using the Apex G/L functionality will need to transition over to a new accounting software package.

PrismHR integrates into most of the most prominent brands on the market (QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Peachtree and Intacct, among others). Adding a third party G/L is extremely cost effective and increases your overall G/L functionality, usually requiring very little additional cost. In a recent survey of over 360 PEO and ASO professionals conducted by PrismHR, more than 40% noted they used Quickbooks for their accounting, which starts at less than $50 per month.

If I use the Apex cloud after my migration is complete, can I keep my historic data?

Yes. If you choose, we will provide a copy of your data for you. Please discuss this with your account representative.

What are some of the differences between Summit Apex and PrismHR?

PrismHR provides a complete platform to help you efficiently run and grow your HR business. In addition to Payroll, Benefit Administration and HR, PrismHR provides a number of solutions that aren’t available in Apex. This includes applicant tracking, time and labor management, onboarding, mobile-centric benefit enrollment and employee self service, carrier file transfers, and a web services API.

The PrismHR platform is delivered using a single database. It’s designed to scale as your business does and helps you support larger clients than you can on other systems. The PrismHR team (now 160 employees) has doubled in size in the past two years, and continues to grow, providing HR service providers with a consistent product release cycle, ongoing product enhancements, as well as dedicated resources to support your team, including a team of industry experts to provide support along with roles-based training and an online knowledgebase.

PrismHR also offers the industry’s only sales and marketing support program, helping you grow with training and resources to accelerate your growth, including prebuilt, customizable demo assets and other collateral.

Are there discounts if I sign up for my migration sooner?

Yes. Customers that sign a migration agreement prior to March, 31 2017, will be eligible for special migration program pricing. Please work with your account representative to learn more.

What are the next steps?

1. Meet with your account representative to explore the best options and approach for your business. The fastest way to set up a conversation with your account representative is to click on the link in the email you received from them to setup a convenient meeting time. If you aren’t sure who your account representative is, please contact us at

2. Choose the right solution for your business, and start your software and customer migration to PrismHR.

3. If you haven’t already learned about PrismHR, or if you want a refresher, view this on-demand webinar.